Professional Services

Our skilled practitioners are experienced in meeting the challenges of providing procurement support, for fast moving projects attempting to deliver aggressive milestones and timelines.

Software & SaaS Solutions

Viewdeck provide a number of secure services that are presented as cloud delivered managed services offerings. These provide organisations options for providing their services whilst taking away the security management overhead.

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Viewdeck Consulting launch General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance…

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How we can enable your secure #collaborationtools

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France to introduce digital tax in new year

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Digital Transformation

Complete redesign of Business, Organisational and Technological structures, services, operating models, processes and ultimately tooling, to accelerate change, enable realising opportunities and improve delivery; provide the means to deliver changes in strategy, and help change the culture, mind-set and outlook of the organisation


Service Transformation

Our Service Transformation and Design experience comes from practical and real transformation within both the private sector and Central Government, supporting some of the largest ICT Transformation programmes




Strategic Vendor Management

Vendor Management as a Service provides whole lifecycle support and control of your key supplier partnerships. Agile, Digital aligned, helping develop key capabilities ensuring optimum supplier performance. Focused on selecting, managing and improving vendor performance, against agreed outcomes. We provide full support to your Service Transition and Service Management needs.


Enablity Agility in ICT Transformation. Expert Skills and Resources in Designing and Delivering Cloud based Change. SME Specialist in Secure, Cloud Based Critical Solutions. SaaS Cloud based Services for Secure environments, Private, Public, Community Clouds. Quality Assurance, Automation, Simplification and Transition of complex.ICT estates through DevOps Full Lifecycle support, from Strategic Drive to BAU Service delivery. Empowering rapid business change.


HR Transformation for Cloud/Shared Services. Pay & Reward, Communications, Legal Dispute, Trade Unions and ER in relation to ICT transformation. Organisation Design, Organisation Development, and Performance Management in modern transforming organisations. Job Design ( and redesign ) resulting from Cloud and Shared Services.




Wide Range of SaaS Solutions, designed for Secure, Cloud based delivery. Public, Private, or Community Cloud Based Solutions. Library of Infrastructure ‘Templates’ to provide rapid, scalable and repeatable Deployments. Management-Domain-as-a-Service (Build, Patch, Event, Log, Alert, Monitor Services). Database-as-a-Service: resilient secure SaaS for Mysql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, in Master/Slave, Multi-Master, Async, Fan-In & Fan-Out architectures.