Agile Technical Delivery

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Agile delivery, mentoring and coaching for technical delivery scenarios.  

  • Formation of Agile teams, sprint planning and backlog creation.  

  • Burndown management, daily standups, team building for successful delivery.  

  • Sprint outcome reviews and sprint retrospectives.  

  • Creation of learning teams and increased productivity.  

  • Backlog grooming and release planning.  

  • Project and programme integration.



Agile mentoring , creation of agile delivery teams


Backlog grooming and preparation, sprint planning and delivery

Agile methodologies aligned with GDS and Government Services Manual


Skills transfer to existing project and programme teams

User story creation, Epics, Features, backlog

Burndown monitoring progress reporting

Highly experienced technical Agile delivery managers, integrate in client teams

Integrated with deliverables/milestones in project/programme


  • Skilled experience resources to provide technical Agile delivery skills.
  • Motivate teams to achieve more, help clear away blockers to progress.
  • Early view of outcomes from Agile developed, visibility matures ideas.
  • Methodology brings together mixed teams and skills, facilitates ideas, collaboration.
  • Promotes Innovative solutions to client problems, early prototypes visible.
  • Client involved at all time through process able to contribute, feedback.
  • Client resources can learn on job, gain Agile delivery skills.
  • Allows focus on priorities and important features of delivery.
  • Requirements able to evolve, do not have to be fixed at outset.
  • Client contribution and visibility of results builds confidence.

Agile delivery is now generally accepted having been considered for many years a rather specialist and extreme idea. Agile is being widely adopted by government and most new initiatives are driving towards Agile methods.

Agile Technical Delivery Services

our teams follow the Agile delivery approach, having regular daily meetings to enable the communication of issues,  and opportunity to ensure progress is maintained. This approach allows the client’s business product managers to work alongside the project delivery members ensuring the promotion of the evolution of the solution, with close and regular communication.  Ensuring that time and scope are not compromised, any backlog developed is prioritised and focused on the delivery of critical items.  Sprints and associated meetings are strictly time-boxed to ensure they are efficient and agile delivery cloudfocused.  Outputs are regularly reviewed, with the client, to evidence progress and gain early feedback. Our approach is built on and around the Agile Manifesto, where the focus of all our interactions with the client, and other suppliers, is to maximise the benefit to the customer, by providing a continuous delivery of an  evolving solution. To do this successfully, we expect to embed all the relevant stakeholders involved into the delivery sprint teams.

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