Analysis & Review

viewdeck-product-structure-v02Our trusted team of analysts, change practitioners and service specialists help scan, evaluate, measure, capture and interpret key needs to help drive transformation in ICT programmes and services.

From early inception through to Business as Usual. This key capability provides the glue between the business need and technology enabled change. Key services include Requirements Specification, Business Analysis, Quality, as well as down stream Service based analysis to help Improvement.

Business Analysis is critical to the success of any programme, yet all too often, the business user needs are not understood, and the requirements are poorly defined and managed. We offer a simple yet powerful approach to defining and visualising requirements, enabling stakeholders to develop a common vision and clear definition of success. Using tried and proven techniques, Viewdeck supports your team to get clarity and definition of those requirements, enabling it to be communicated to all stakeholders (including suppliers) for all phases of a procurement or programme.

Business Analysis

Identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems is one of our specialities and passions. We work closely with your existing teams, and stakeholders to understand the business needs, clearly capture them, and ensure they meet the right level of detail to enable change, procurement and delivery to be planned and ultimately delivered. Our experience and skills help support a wide range of project and programme scenarios.

Service Improvement

Viewdeck’s Continual service improvement for Cloud/ICT Services supports you in creating and maintaining value for your business customers through better design, introduction, and operation of services. It looks to combine principles, practices, and methods from quality management, Change Management and capability improvement to help you realize real improvements in service quality, operational efficiency and business continuity.


We bring hands-on practical expertise and experience to Procurement and Outsourcing Management, providing skills and energy to drive success in complex and challenging tasks. We can provide either an entire team, or a range of supplementary capabilities to an existing project team, in order to boost the resources and skills of an in-house department as required. Our approach supports our belief in skills transfer, ensuring an ongoing legacy for our clients.

Design & Architecture

Solution Design leads from close engagement with your organisation, taking requirements and constraints to help pick the best journey from the ‘As-Is’ to the goal.


Plan & Manage

Managing and delivering complex change projects and programmes requires agility, oversight and control.


Deliver & Assure

Whether delivering Systems Integration, Cloud Engineering or Software Development, our engineers and specialists can bring experience and skill to any ICT transformation project.