Applications / Media

Secure Mobile Data Manager

Open Source Mobile Data Manager running in your private, public or community cloud service, providing a wide range of security enforcing mobile controls including Device Lock, Clear Password, Wifi Control, Camera Control, Policy, Email/Calendar settings and remote wiping.

Web Collaboration and Wiki Service

The Viewdeck Web Collaboration and Wiki Service is an Open source based collaboration, Wiki, enterprise project website ideal for intranets, extra-nets or cross organisational working. The power of the Wiki allows teams to share content across domains and locations in a flexible secure way.

Big Data Analyser and Network Mapping

Ideal for data mining, relationship analysis and automatically discovering paths between entities, the Data Analyser and Network Mapping Service is a Big data Analysis tool for Intelligence, Data Mining, Visualisation and presentation of data. Automatically indexing structured and unstructured data, it can be used to speed up investigations and enquiries.

Case Management

Case Management as a Service is a web based powerful case management tool for a wide range of applications. Supporting Drag and Drop, Microsoft Integration, relationships etc, it provides Document Management, Records Management, and Collaboration facilities. Ideal to join together dispersed teams or as a consolidation platform.

Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Web Conferencing and project collaboration service designed for mobile and desktop clients. Using WebRTC technology, this service support large ad-hoc online meetings, requiring no software to be installed in the end device. Ideal for small teams, remote projects or large ‘lecture style’ presentations, they can bring dispersed teams together.