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The VCL Secure CRM Service is a rapid deployed, low footprint Relationship Management solution that can help you meet your challenges in delivery. This easy to manage, quick to change, and simple to use secure service can help you meet the greatest challenges in managing queries, tracking cases, customers or citizens, or providing a straight forward way for your distributed teams to manage their clients/partners. Our solution is not just about CRM and is easily configured to accommodate extended relationships that need to be managed within your organisation.

A full function secure service with document management, process modelling, analytics and data visualisation, our solution can provide immediate benefit at a fraction of the cost ordinarily associated with technologies of this kind. Come and see how we are helping other public and private sector clients meet their operational needs, with services that can start from £10 per user per month. No expensive dependencies or specialist engineers needed, the VCL Secure CRM service can easily be deployed in days, operational in weeks and returning real benefits immediately.

UK Managed, UK Hosted and UK Delivered, our Secure CRM Service actively works to meet your GDPR needs, as well as compliance and audit obligations. As part of the VCL Productivity Suite, it is available from our online SaaS shop or through our helpful customer team. Come and find out how you can meet your business needs quickly, effectively and efficiently with our Secure CRM Service.

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