Cloud Broker and Integrated Service Management

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Cloud brokerage for multiple cloud vendors to a single Service interface.  

  • Service Management, supplier management, supplier service selection,  cloud integration and cloud aggregation.  

  • Ensure service meets client and business needs, continuous improvement, supplier assessment, value for money, performance evaluation.  

  • Ensuring cloud services delivery to service strategy and maximise business benefit.



Joining commodity Services from different Suppliers into a harmonised Service


Defining and creating service requirements and needs

Presentation of services to client as aggregated and or integrated capability


Service reviews, value and performance assessment, service reporting


Plan and implement onboarding of new suppliers, transition to service

Elastic management across multiple Service Solutions to support RTO/RPO

Procuring and onboarding cloud services to meet requirements

Service management of distant or disaggregated suppliers services

Assessment of alternate services when performance or value challenged

Off board retired services and suppliers ensuring data safeguarded


  • Assistance in selection of services by skilled and experienced resources.
  • Service acquisition and service presentation, aggregation and integration broker responsibility.
  • Broker responsible for continuous review of value, performance and options.
  • Transition Support of services to new suppliers when onboarded.
  • Single interface to client for service reporting and governance.
  • Responsible for resolving issues between services.
  • Client can focus on business needs and meeting business objectives.
  • Client able to act as intelligent customer with support of cloud broker.
  • Implementation and delivery using most appropriate item to meet objectives.

Key Areas

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) for the Cloud

Service Design for the Cloud

Service Improvement for the Cloud

Intelligent Customer Function for the Cloud

Service Strategy for the Cloud

Service Operations for the Cloud

Service Transition for Cloud Services

Intelligent Customer Function for the Cloud

A key challenge when undergoing a Service Transformation is constructing the organisation of skills and capabilities that can govern the service through the design, delivery and ongoing business operational phases.  Not having these skills can be a major risk to project failure, and by its nature, a transformation project generally means an upheaval of the status quo, embracing new business models, new technologies and new supplier models.  It is therefore not surprising that the organisation can often have a skills and knowledge deficit, which soon becomes an Achilles heel.  Modern trends in Government IT delivery encourage the general insourcing of disaggregated Service functions, to support Digital driven transformation, procuring Cloud services from smaller fragmented suppliers.  Increasingly, the Public Sector finds they need to quickly adapt an Intelligent Client Function to enable them to govern the service(s), and ensure they meet the objective of the business.

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