Cloud DevOps Advisory, Design and Delivery Services

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Cloud based infrastructure, hosting and coding to enable the development of your Digital Projects.

  • Technical administration, DevOps and build services to create your managed development, test or live services in a secure cloud environment.  

  • Full range Systems Integration for your Digital Programme.



Design, Management and Deployment of open source based solutions


Create repeatable Build and deployment capabilities for Hosts

Ensure configuration management quality in deployment


Secure stable solutions, tried and testing in critical solutions


Extend agile mandate into infrastructure, architecture and deployment

Wide range of Engineering, Design and Management skills for DevOps

Capture and leverage existing secure, Application and Infrastructure designs

Common deployments across Private Clouds, UKCloud, AWS and other providers

Agile delivery, very quickly deploy and test target solutions


  • Rapid redeployment of services for DR, Test, or Cloud solutions.
  • Ensure security enforcing capabilities are deployed, reducing accreditation and Testing.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in by capturing Build and Deployment details.
  • Reduce Build costs by utilising existing community build recipes.
  • Simplifying and improving Quality Assurance on Build and Deploy.
  • Service Assurance, to confirm services remain secure and operational.
  • Enables Elastic deployment of applications.
  • Agility in delivery, Agility in Deployment, Continuous Integration.

Key Areas

ICT Strategy for Cloud Services

Technical Design and Architecture for Cloud based Solutions

Technical, Solution and Design Assurance for Cloud Services

Database Services for Digital Projects

Continuous Delivery and Integration for the Cloud

Cloud Readiness and Strategic Advisory Service

Technical Services for Digital Projects

Cloud DevOps Advisory, Design and Delivery Services

Why Continuous Delivery?

  • “Delivery at Velocity”: Continuous Delivery enables the “Agile Organisation”, and “Compliance at Pace”.
  • Continuous Delivery is not just about agility in delivery, but an ethos across the delivery lifecycle.
  • Organisational transformation, that provides a step change in Change delivery, speed and accuracy.
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer: Part of the “Infrastructure as Code” practice, it simplifies and reduces the effort needed to meet delivery goals.

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