Cloud Integration


  • Solution Development, Legacy Encapsulation, and Maintenance services for the Cloud
  • Secure Integrated Solutions, based on Cloud Architectures, suitable for deployment to wide range of scenarios and problems
  • Full Cloud development life cycle, including latest platforms and technologies (Including Smart phone platforms)



Cloud based solutions and traditional 'legacy' solution architectures


Tier1 and above, Enterprise Scale. Public and Private Sector

UK Project Management, Business Analysis, Requirements Management & Quality Control

Process trained in Agile and Extreme Project Management

Full support staff backup (data entry, testing and project management)


Project Tools to facilitate geographically remote team and project management

High Productivity, experienced in "Speed to market" and Project recovery

Solution Development, SAAS, Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall, DSDM, Extreme


  • Driving commoditisation, simplification and cost reduction in ICT estates
  • Helping you deliver your accreditation needs, business goals and service requirements
  • Understanding how that journey can be taken, the opportunities and the pitfalls
  • Identifying the best path to take with your change programmes

As an industry supplier of Solution Development and Software Support to large organisations, our range of onshore, European and Offshore skills are ideal to help you deliver leading, business critical solutions for Cloud based and web transaction systems. Covering the key service support areas of incident management, software maintenance, software and product development, we utilise industry standard quality and development processes to ensure controlled project execution, enabling our experienced people with your engagement to deliver successfully with agility and quality.

Viewdeck provides the full range of services, covering the complete systems life cycle, from concept, through design and implementation, to testing and live operation. Our team includes industry specialists and skilled individuals, where and when they are needed. Our offshore and on-shore teams have a wide range of industry knowledge and experience, including specialisations in Financial Services, Central Government, Secure, Evidential, Telecoms and Mobile Services. As an expert system’s integration partner, we focus on using the right technology that fits your requirements, and maximizes the potential upside from utilising the latest enhancements and developments. Equally at home using open source and best-of-breed industry solutions, Viewdeck brings experience and quality to solution delivery.


Cloud Solution Development

Viewdeck Solution Cloud Development supplies leading edge skills and resources to UK technology businesses. With experience in Cloud Integration Development, Legacy Migration & Encapsulation, and Maintenance services, we provide a fresh and efficient alternative to the on-shore and off-shore outsourced options offered to businesses today. With real experience in working with traditional solution architectures, as well as more modern, cloud based solutions, both targeting Public, Tier1 and above. Our skills and experience from across both the public sector and private industry, we bring the ability to deliver simpler, more effective and ultimately more efficient solutions.


Cloud Service Maintenance

Our skilled team have the mature experience and skills to bring the right capabilities to the most challenging solution support and maintenance areas. Using the wide range of tools and capabilities now available in the open market, we look to adopt and ‘standardised’ the most difficult of existing application estates, bringing order and structure to chaos, and insight and predictability where it has been lost.

Through structured and measured planning, with sound analysis and experience, we can help you to get your legacy estate under control, identify quick wins, and where necessary identify the best road map forward to a supportable, maintainable service. Were stability has not be forthcoming, we can work with your service capability to engineer robust, resilient and supportable platforms for ensured availability.

Enterprise Capabilities


  • Wide Range of Cloud and Web Skills and Technologies
  • Complete Range of Platforms ( Java/Enterprise Scale, N-tier, Thick and Think Client, PC, Browser and Mobile )
  • Latest platforms and technologies ( Iphone, Android and smart phone technologies )
  • Backed up by UK Project Management, Business Analysis, Requirements Management and Quality Control
  • Innovative Design team
  • Process trained in Rapid Application Development and Extreme Development technologies ( eg DSDM, SCRUM, Agile etc )
  • Full support staff backup (data entry, testing and project management)
  • Project Support Tools to facilitate geographically remote team and project management ( Collaboration )
  • High Productivity, Plus experienced in “Speed to market” and Project recovery tasks
  • Secure solutions, based on Cloud Architectures, suitable for deployment to wide range of scenarios and problems

The Viewdeck Development Process

The Viewdeck Development Process provides a managed quality engagement model for outsourced programme delivery. The process is based on trusted, standard methodologies used throughout the software industry, bringing together quality systems like Prince2, requirement processes like UML/RUP, and Agile delivery models like DSDM and Extreme. This mix provides a tailorable, integrated process that gives businesses control and confidence.

The Rapid Development Lifecycle


  • Engagement : Scope, Contractual Framework, Engagement Schedules, Business Case and Outline Budgets
  • Vision : Vision for the Project, Business Goals, Success Criteria, Stakeholder Identification and Engagement


  • Business Requirements : Features, Storyboard, Non-Functional Requirements, Use Cases
  • Technical Design : Solution Design, Hardware and Software Architecture, Package Selection, Object and Data Structures.


  • Planning: Resource Allocations, Implementation Approach, Project Tasking/Timeboxing, Implementation Plan, Key Dependencies
  • Build: HTML, Software Production, Design, Test Rigs, Development, Test and Runtime Environments. Service/Package Procurement and Integration


  • Test: Test Cases, Business, Technical and User Testing
  • Live Commissioning: Training, User Documentation, Support Structures/Services, Production Commissioning

Why Viewdeck

  • Significant savings over traditional Systems Integration services through a smart mix of on and off shore skills
  • Highly creative capability with strong technology skills
  • Speed to market, using modern tools and techniques. Development time and risks can be cut ensuring business drivers are met
  • UK based Project Office, Analysis and Testing, UK, European and far eastern development and design
  • Open technologies, with zero cost of ownership and zero lock-in
  • Use of appropriate Analysis, Design, Development and Testing methodologies (e.g. RAD / DSDM, Extreme, RUP / UML) to manage risk and ensure delivery. Use of ISO9000 Certified Practitioners in key life cycle control
  • Quick and Easy to engage, Simple to manage

Our Experience

At Viewdeck, we provide a range of skills and experience to help you meet your Design, Build, Test and Delivery goals. Our team has real experience in delivering capabilities across a wide range of UK Public Sector clients.

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Key Processes: Agile, Extreme, DSDM, PRINCE2, UML/RUP