Security and DevSecOps Solutions Portfolio

Security Service Operations for the Cloud

Expert discovery and design service; appropriate services, people, processes and technologies required to provide Managed Security Services, Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) capability.
Implementation of SIEM, providing tools for assurance, incidents identification, knowledge discovery, and actioned/ defended Plans. Service migration to Cloud.
Viewdeck’s expertise is founded on highly experienced cyber security professionals who have both deep and current knowledge of the threat landscape facing ICT systems in all organisations today. Cyber attacks are no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.”
Viewdeck helps organisations understand that attacks can never be fully prevented, and shows them how to advance their detection capabilities so they can respond appropriately.

Key Benefits

Part of a security refresh to help towards re-accreditation.

Proactive response through monitoring, analytics and prompt detection.

Cost effective security controls; reduce the cost of incidents.

Migrate infrastructure components to cheaper Cloud alternatives.

Up to date measurement of threats and effectiveness of response.

Increase monitoring, event management resilience service continuity

● Expertise in security information and event management (SIEM) technologies.

● Solutions for managed SOC and NOC service.

● Ensuring the detection, containment, and remediation of IT threats.

● Processes and procedures to clarify roles, responsibilities and monitoring procedures.

● Experienced analysts, security engineers, and SOC managers to aid mobilisation.

● Provision of security analysts, security specialists and forensic investigators.

● ISO 27001:2013, CESG GPG13, PCI-Data Security 3 compliant.

● Full life cycle, from Design, through Change and Service Redesign.

● Technical Skills for design, plan and change Business Rules, Applications.

● Security Cleared Change Managers, Service Advocates, Service Operations, Support.

DevOps Continuous Compliance Service

Continuous Compliance as a Service provides a Continuous Compliance service, enabling you to deliver Accreditation at Velocity using ‘Infrastructure as Code’. Part of the DevOps ‘Velocity in Delivery’ for the Public Sector, it provides, Assured and Compliance at speed for Digital Services. “Digital Everything” is playing an increasingly central role and at the heart of contact between organisations and its citizens. Under pressure to deliver new digital services at unprecedented velocity:

● Accreditors are placing increasing focus on detailed compliance.
● Conflict between complying with assurance requirements and delivery benefits, and services quickly. ● DevOps can provide real benefits in Compliance, Accreditation and Continuous Service Delivery

Key Benefits

Greatly speed up delivery of change.

Provide Agility in Development, Testing, Accreditation and Service delivery.

Scale rapidly, remove large barriers to deployment and delivery.

Provide confidence to Data Owners and stakeholders that services are ready.

Meet legislative and regulatory mandates with data and services.

Reduce overheads of compliance at scale.

● Private, Public or Hybrid deployment to Physical, Virtualised or Containers.

● Enables the Coded Business: Reduce time to Implement, Test, Assure, Deliver.

● “Code to Comply” delivering Continuous Compliance and Accreditation at Velocity.

● Part of the ‘Infrastructure as Code’: Agile, Lean, DevOps delivery.

● Greatly automate your deployments, for secure or accredited services.

● InfoSec: Knowledge capture of how your secure environments are setup.

● Provide live visibility of compliance and deployment to standards.

● Reduce rework through building in compliance and security.