Continuous Compliance as a Service

Service providing

A Continuous Compliance service, enabling you to deliver Accreditation at Velocity using ‘Infrastructure as Code’. Part of the DevOps ‘Velocity in Delivery’ for the Public Sector, it provides, Assured and Compliance at speed for Digital Services.



Coded Business: Reduce Significantly time to Implement, Test, Assure, Deliver


Part of the ‘Infrastructure as Code’: DevOps delivery

Greatly automate your deployments, quality and predictability


Enable an Agile/ Digital Organisation


Specify compliance-related requirements in ways that can be automatically tested.

“Code to Comply” Delivering Continuous Compliance and Accreditation at Velocity

Achieve ‘Velocity in Compliance, and hence “Agility in Delivery”

Capture the knowledge of how your environments are setup

“Get out of the business of building Infrastructure”


  • Greatly Speed up delivery of change
  • Provide Agility in Service
  • Enable you to take control, become Supplier and Technology agnostic
  • Scale rapidly, remove large barriers to deployment and delivery
  • Ability to identify out-of-date systems and upgrade them
  • Consistency enables risk managed assumptions, to reduce overheads at scale
  • Create change “Agility”, Velocity, and reduce the cost of transformation
  • Achieve Scale , and Confidence, and Assurance

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Continuous Compliance as a Service

“Digital Everything” is playing an increasingly central role: Is at the heart of contact between Government and its citizens – and of the Transformational Agenda. Under pressure to deliver new digital services at unprecedented velocity:

  • Accreditors are placing increasing focus on detailed compliance.
  • Conflict between complying with assurance requirements and delivery benefits, and services quickly.
  • DevOps can provide real benefits in Compliance, Accreditation and Continuous Service Delivery for Public Sector.

Compliance and Accreditation is still needed by all HMG services. While we have had Simplification in design, compliance and audit has tightened; the business need doesn’t abate to deliver new products and services at high velocity while still satisfying obligations.

Chef Compliance provides Automation, Scale, Compliance, and Assurance using rules that express your requirements, test your infrastructure for non-compliant configurations, and out-of-date software. Once detected, you can use Chef Server to deploy the corrections.

  • Agility in Deployment,
  • Continuous Delivery,
  • Codify your Infrastructure,
  • Greatly automate your deployments, quality and predictability. Capture the knowledge of how your environments are setup..

Enable an Agile/ Digital Organisation.. and “get out of the business of building Infrastructure”. Based on the idea of infrastructure as code automation increase velocity consistently apply regulatory requirements in large-scale environments.

The DevOps Build Automation and Continuous Delivery Service is a secure deployment and configuration of a managed Chef Server environment of one or more chef servers across an environment. Using the Viewdeck Secure Server Platform as a base, it provides a patched, secured cloud based solution to repeatable system build, configuration and deployment.

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