Continuous Delivery and Integration for the Cloud

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Technical Design, Project Management and strategic delivery of DevOps capabilities to Cloud and ICT solutions.

  • Helping simplify and reduce your infrastructure through automated build and deploy.

  • Reduce your IT delivery costs.

  • Implementing Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment in Cloud services.



Design, Management and Deployment of open source DevOps and WebOps solutions


Create repeatable Build and deployment capabilities for projects

Ensure configuration management quality in deployment


Secure stable solutions, tried, tested, repeatable in business critical services


Assessments where there are restrictions in deployment across Digital and legacy

Range of Engineering, Design and Management skills supporting agile delivery

Capture and leverage existing Security, Application and Infrastructure designs

Common deployments across Private, Public and hybrid cloud services

Agile delivery, frictionless Digital deployments

Extend agile mandate into infrastructure, architecture and integration


  • Speed up end to end deployment of change.
  • Rapid redeployment of services for DR, Test, or Production Services.
  • Ensure security enforcing capabilities deployed; reducing accreditation overhead and testing.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in by capturing Build/Deployment details, Knowledge Management.
  • Continuous Integration to achieve velocity in delivery.
  • Simplifying and improving Quality Assurance on Build and Deploy.
  • Integration with Service Assurance, confirming services remain secure and operational.
  • Enables Elastic deployment of applications to Cloud platforms.
  • Access and improve your Digital maturity, across Build, Test, Deploy.
  • Agility in delivery, Agility in Deployment, Continuous Integration.

Key Areas

ICT Strategy for Cloud Services

Cloud DevOps Advisory, Design and Delivery Services

Technical, Solution and Design Assurance for Cloud Services

Database Services for Digital Projects

Technical Design and Architecture for Cloud based Solutions

Cloud Readiness and Strategic Advisory Service

Technical Services for Digital Projects

Continuous Delivery and Integration for the Cloud

Viewdeck’s CD/CI Service is a full Systems Integrator/System Build capability for Private, Public and GCloud hosting environments. This is where we can take theory and turn it into practice through the provision of tools, infrastructure and capability. We provide expert skills in the design, build, deploy and test of DevOps, WebOps and Infrastructure components to create enterprise scale capabilities. With the wide availability of virtualised hosting solutions, we provide a ready-made and easy to deploy system building blocks that can simplify and reduce the time to live of new or refreshed services.

DevOps, and its tooling, is the key to making agile Digital delivery work for clients and solution providers. It ‘codifies’ system descriptions into a collection of easy to follow, simply to mass deploy instructions or recipes that can be applied to different environments (e.g. Test, Production, DR), across differing platform providers (e.g. AWS, UKCloud, Azure or Private Cloud). It enables existing locked in knowledge to be captured and drawn out, to ensure vendor lock-in is reduced, and supplier agility is maintained.

Our range of experts and practitioners cover the full range of Design, Plan and Assure, and can bring real practical experience into delivering this important and revolutionary technology to your existing estate.

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