Database Services for Digital Projects

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Cloud based relational and NoSQL databases

  • Services to enable the development and deployment of your Digital Projects

  • Administration, configuration, test and backup of a wide range of database products in development, test and live environments

  • Live support services to provide service levels aligned to your project needs



Design, Configuration, Build, Deploy and ongoing Service for Digital Projects


Support for Single Instance, Master Slave and complex deployments

Web based, command line and API access to Project teams


DevOps/Infrastructure as Code solutions using tried/tested architectural patterns


Range of support options for Project, Business and Operational needs

Full range of 'Database as a Service' products

MySQL, Postgresql, Mariadb, Mongodb, Cassandra Supported Platforms

Scaleable Platforms deployable to AWS, Azure, UKCloud and Private Cloud

Architectural Support to provide expert help to your Projects


  • Database on demand, flexible service to meet Project demands
  • Skilled practitioners with experience across all phases of delivery
  • Integrated and flexible service approval, tailorable to your needs
  • Standard, tried and tested services that reduce the technical risk
  • Ability to change to meet projected delivery demand
  • Security cleared, onshore team and services that can be embedded
  • Output based Services

Key Areas

ICT Strategy for Cloud Services

Cloud DevOps Advisory, Design and Delivery Services

Technical, Solution and Design Assurance for Cloud Services

Technical Design and Architecture for Cloud based Solutions

Continuous Delivery and Integration for the Cloud

Cloud Readiness and Strategic Advisory Service

Technical Services for Digital Projects

Database Services for Digital Projects

Viewdeck is able to offer Database as a Service covering a wide range of potential Databases.  These include MySQL, Postgresql, Mariadb, Mongodb, Cassandra.  Provided as a single instance entry level with basic backup, up to multiple  environments with resilient platform support, to support live, performance test or operational needs.  The service allows you to request the platform that suits your needs, whether you are at the discovery/alpha phase, needing only a sandpit or development environment, or a live service where a robust platform is needed with adequate controls. Supports a wide range of scenarios including UAT, System Test and other supporting environments.

Alongside the database platform we can also provide a full Cloud Systems Integration as a Service.  These include architectural and design services, when creating the database, database build, data migration, DBA support and general service management,  Our DevOps implementation and continuous build support is ideal to help manage your database instances in a Cloud environment.

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