Docker® Secure Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform Service

Service providing

a Container management solution for continuous delivery. Using industry leading components, Docker®, it provides Infrastructure optimisation, agility, control and portability. It helps automate the deployment of applications through software containers, and through DevOps techniques, provides abstraction and automation.



Based on industry leading Docker® component Virtualisation service


Enables continuous integration and continuous agile delivery of applications

Great portability and scalability, supporting the complete service delivery life­cycle


Linux based platform for easy of management, configuration


Technologies: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Docker

Provides run­anywhere application virtualisation to provide deployment flexibility

Provides Developer Controls dependencies and libraries needed in deploying applications

Build your solution from portable micro­services, removing differences between environments

Service includes regular patches, daily backups, support

Works with UKCloud, Azure, Rackspace, Memset, internal private cloud architectures


  • Part of your DevOps solution to automate, simplify, orchestrate
  • Docker(R) Virtualisation technology’s declares software, infrastructure and service components
  • Docker(R) Wraps service configurations into single packages for automatic deployment. Service provides ‘Infrastructure as Code’ and Full Application stack automatically
  • Rapid deployment and duplication of development resources
  • Securely accessible from remote locations
  • Greatly reduced delivery time through placing control into development team
  • Built on an NSA compliant Secure Gold build
  • Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments and Easy to Scale

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Docker® Secure Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform Service

This service provides a component virtualisation, continuous delivery continuous integration service that enables the development team to control the deployment. By abstracting from system dependencies, it provides simplicity, increased virtualisation and optimisation in agile solution delivery.

As part of your Agile delivery, it enables you to package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container, that can run on any Docker Linux server.

Docker can be integrated into various infrastructure tools, including Amazon Web Services, Ansible, CFEngine, Chef, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure,OpenStack Nova,Puppet, Salt, Vagrant, and VMware vSphere Integrated Containers.

Hence you can have a consistent delivery target from local, to development, to test, and then to live, while moving across different cloud solutions.
It also helps simplify the deployment update cycle by using lightweight images, with only layer updates need to be propagated. It also provides a high­ level API to support lightweight containers that run processes in isolation.

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