ETL Server

Enterprise class Extract, Transform and Load Solution. Suitable for one of migrations or constant data transformation. Visual data manipulation to join sources and data together. Integration and migration services across wide range of sources SQL, Hadoop HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Google BigQuery and NoSQL databases.



Data Integration via fast interactive visual data presentation


Ideal for analysts and data engineers

Ability to connect to wide range of data sources

SQL, noSQL, legacy, mainframe, proprietary data sources

Ideal as a Data Quality tool


Fix and resolve inconsistencies and omissions

Client Tool to help create reporting templates

Secured, audited, managed, and under configuration control

Available in a range of sizes and configurations

Based on the leading Talend(R) Open Studio and Platform toolset


  • Resilient and Highly Available configurations, to support service levels
  • Scalable
  • Viewdeck Secure Server platform, an NSA compliant VM build
  • Available for Web and Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private clouds
  • Self administer via Web interface, or fully managed service
  • Extensive support for wide range of data sources


Complementary Products and Services

  • Viewdeck Management Domain Service
  • Viewdeck Collaboration and Community Web Service(Wiki)
  • Viewdeck Resilient Database Server as a Service
  • Viewdeck Secure Mail Server as a Service

Client Access

  • Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 or better)


  • A Viewdeck Patch Server is a requirement to provide a patch service and Virus/Rootkit signatures upgrades
  • A Viewdeck Log Server is a requirement to provide event monitoring for the service
  • A Viewdeck Monitor Service is required to provide availability and host health check monitoring
  • Backup Solution providing secure offline remote cloud based storage is required. The Viewdeck Backup Service provides a suitable service
  • The Secure Mail Server with connectivity to the secure administration mailbox providing alerting and reporting from the hosts
  • Secure Remote Administrator Access via a suitable secure network. This will vary depending on the hosting environment


  • Simplifying the loading, extraction, transformation and processing of large and diverse data sets
  • Integration solution with teamwork and management features
  • Powerful and versatile integration and data quality solution
  • Data integration job design with a graphical development environment
  • Reduce duplicate sources of data into trusted stores of consolidated information
  • Unify data, application and service integration solution simplifying change and migration
  • Resolution of inconsistent information across organisation into a single, reliable single source
  • An open source data profiling tool, : content, structure and quality of complex data structures
  • Wide spread industry support, with many 3rd party tools and applications able to re-use
  • Can operate with the Viewdeck Resilient Database Service to provide a High availability, segregated ELT solution

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