Getting clarity on fit, costs and reducing risk in catalogue procurement.

Close-up of businessman explaining a financial plan to colleagues at meeting

This is the fourth in a series of short videos that the Viewdeck team have produced to assist with the process of producing high quality and predictable results from the Digital Marketplace. The videos identify some of the tools and techniques that we have used to help our clients overcome the pitfalls and risks, ensuring they get to the right answer in the increasingly complex world of ICT procurement.  This video discusses:

  • How to clearly understand the impact and cost of ICT Service from Cloud suppliers
  • How do you clearly understand what Service outcomes you want from your Cloud suppliers?
  • How can you confirm the fit of various potential Supplier catalogue offerings to your Service Organisation?
  • Can we identify and measure the gaps where there may be holes in our end to end service if we select a Supplier?
  • How do we ensure that we get the best Service outcome from a catalogue service such as GCloud?
  • What are the true costs of the potential Service and how can we identify the resources required to support a solution?

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