25th February 2016. According to a 2015 report by PKF LittleJohn LLP and the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, “Fraud is the last great unreduced business cost”.

Viewdeck, in partnership with Salviol Global Analytics, are delivering a service to UK Government that is specifically designed to help understand and highlight the scale of fraud across Departments and Agencies.

Traditional attempts to identify and analyse potentially fraudulent patterns have been hampered by the inability to share data across departments.  In order to identify patterns it is important to look across the information estate to include not only internal sources but external sources too.  These sources may include external data systems or internet based information such as social media.  Building ever larger and more complex databases of aggregated information is not the answer.  The Salviol proposition does not require a further silo of data to be built.  It accesses internal and external sources of data to provide a single view of information that can be analysed simply and easily – either through the commonly used i2 Analyser or other presentational portals.

According to the National Audit Office’s Fraud Landscape Review, “with the exception of the tax credit and benefit system, detected fraud was found to be equivalent to 0.02% of the government’s total expenditure of £306bn”.  Hosted on the Cloud, the Viewdeck proposition brings this data integration and analytical capability to the UK Government market providing Big Data through GCloud7.  Given the acknowledged scale of the problem shouldn’t you take a look at the solution too?  For further information and a demonstration please contact