UK Hosted GitLab as a service

Migrate your GitLab platform to a UK hosted service within days

Free trial offering: Host your GitLab platform in the UK and take advantage of a 30 day trial of GitLab Ultimate

  • Securely hosted full access to GitLab Community, Premium and Ultimate editions
  • Integrate the tools you need into one single application including: Maven, Ant, Selenium and Mattermost etc.
  • Safe from cyber threats, your environment is secured to the highest standards by cyber security experts

Complete the form to use GitLab’s Ultimate package for 30 days at no cost!

Why GitLab?

Imagine you replaced the 10+ tools in your DevOps process with just one.

It may sound too good to be true, but GitLab is proven.

GitLab has inbuilt:

  • Project management
  • Source control management
  • Code security testing (real-time)
  • Code quality testing
  • Continuous improvement and delivery
  • A Docker registry
  • Kubernetes integrations
  • Application monitoring tools integration



Goldman Sachs just went from 1 build in 2 weeks to 1k+ builds a day in 2020 without breaking integrations.

Wordline executed 1.4m CI jobs and improved code review potentials by 120x without bottlenecks.

Nvidia had 51% user growth in 1 year with 99% uptime.

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