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The Viewdeck Secure Fileshare Service includes everything you need to meet your GDPR compliance needs, with a secure, managed and compliant cloud file sharing capability. With additional guidance and documentation, we can help you meet your compliance needs through a multi-step process, supporting controlled and auditable access to your data, potentially from many locations. Our guidance and support can help data protection teams check if they have covered all of the key activities and controls, including supporting delivery of data access, modification and deletion controls..The Viewdeck guidance also provides management level reporting as well as hands-on, operational documentation for administrators that includes GDPR Compliance checklists and an Administrator manual for your Secure Fileshare Service.

A demonstration of our service can be found here 

The secure cloud based Fileshare service supports a number of key controls. ensuring that you can understand which GDPR data processing allowances are applied to your cloud file storage.

  • When, where and how access permission has to be managed
  • An overview of where personal data is stored in the service (including user accounts, monitoring and logs, apps, file storage, database, backups etc.)
  • Processes and tools to handle consent, subject access requests, and data deletion.

The service includes a number of GDPR Compliance capabilities providing support to you, including:

  • Configurable imprint and privacy links for your login page
  • Data Request service to allow users to request data deletion or modification from their user settings
  • Delete Account capabilities. to allow users and administrators to delete their account
  • Terms of Service configuration that only gives access to the fileshare after users read and agree to terms, (including updated terms, and GDPR based conditions).

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Gary Seymour, CEO of Viewdeck commented “Our Cloud file store provides access controls, auditing, versioning and key capabilities to help you ensure compliance with your GDPR needs. Fileshare provides a means to securely integrate your in-house, remote, mobile and home workers, as well as support BYOD securely if desired – while supporting your data compliance needs at the same time. Where you are concerned about the adoption of public cloud sharing services, our Fileshare service provides a secure, compliant alternative that helps you meet your legal and compliance obligations.”

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