Legacy Application & Database Migration

Full life cycle support for migration of existing applications from traditional hosting to Cloud based technology. Everything from planning, business impact, resilience and service continuity to technical resources to migrate your legacy application or database to a G Cloud provider.



Full life cycle, from Design, through Change and Service Redesign


Technical Skills to help design, plan and change databases, applications

Swap infrastructure components to cheaper Cloud alternatives

Project Managers, Technical Design, System Cloud Engineers, DevOps, Cloud Architects

Security Cleared Change Managers, Service Design Specialists, Service Operations, Support


Technology: Linux, Mainframe, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, Windows, NoSQL, MongoDB

Java, Tomcat, Jboss


  • Reduce application and legacy database hosting, license and support costs
  • De-risk your ICT migration to a Cloud, Hybrid Model
  • License cost reduction, by consolidation
  • Technical refresh onto a supported, patched, Open source platform
  • Agility in service change, respond to changing business requirements
  • Part of your ICT transformation to a Hybrid supplier arrangement
  • Improve access and connectivity to a wider business community
  • Remove existing supplier constraints
  • Part of a security refresh to help towards re-accreditation
  • Increase monitoring, event management resilience service continuity

Legacy Application and Database Migration helps you on your journey to a digital, hybrid solution. We can help take your estate, and through stepwise agile transformation projects help reduce your costs, simplify your architecture, and rationalise your licenses. Our skilled practitioners have real HMG Cloud experience to help you reduce foot print, and move rapidly towards a Digital Anywhere, Digital First estate, reducing vendor lock in, and improving your ability to respond to business remand.

  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Pay-as-you-Go resources
  • ICT estate rationalisation and Streamlining

In any migration activity, we look at the current and improving

  • Security
  • Service Availability and Reliability
  • Control of Licenses and Costs
  • Reducing Vendor Lock In

Our Architecture practice covers a wide range of ICT Architecture, Service Design and Cloud Engineering capabilities, including:

  • Cloud Architecture (Application, Networking and Security Infrastructure)
  • Cloud Adoption including how to migrate to Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service solutions
  • Enterprise Architecture across the whole estate (From Business to Information to technology, aligned to strategic business, organisational and HMG strategy)
  • Information Strategy, and how to apply it to your customers, stakeholders and operational needs
  • Information Security /Assurance, to help secure your assets

And practical Solution Design around :

  • End User Computing, including evaluating/adopting Thick/Thin Clients, Printing and the whole range of mobile and secure devices
  • Hosting, at multiple Security levels, moving from traditional in-house to Cloud and virtualised environments
  • Data Centre provision for secure clients
  • Application services for a wider range of vertical and horizontal needs (eg Case Management, Knowledge Management, Data Processing, client-service, n-tier, browser based, distributed and massively scaled environments)
  • Integration of social media and collaboration capabilities into existing information and technology estates, and
  • Driving commoditisation, simplification and cost reduction in ICT estates
  • Adoption of PaaS, leveraging IaaS, and accelerating with SaaS


Solution Architecture with the Cloud

Whether supporting in house delivery or assuring supplier technical designs, providing expert solution engineering and designs is key to the successful delivery of ICT programmes. Across the full spectrum of services including application, database, storage, hosting, and networking, our range of skills and experience includes coordinating and designing of changes to new or existing or legacy estate solutions to help drive consistent, resilient, flexible and ultimately cheaper information ownership.

Adopting Cloud Services often requires re-engineering traditional capabilities and services into federated, tower based solutions, using dis-aggregation technologies like Enterprise Service Buses and Web Services, to provide clear and clean separation of information systems. Mapping those new enterprise capabilities into existing service and solution capabilities are often key to their success. Understanding how that journey can be taken, the opportunities and the pitfalls, is key to delivering the goals and vision. At Viewdeck, we have first hand experience of using Cloud Technology, Cloud Suppliers and Cloud Solutions to take existing traditional implementations to virtual services that meet accreditation needs, business goals and service requirements.


Our Experience

At Viewdeck, we provide a range of skills and experience to help you meet your Design, Build, Test and Delivery goals. Our team has real experience in delivering capabilities across a wide range of UK Public Sector clients.

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Key Processes: Agile, Extreme, DSDM, PRINCE2, UML/RUP