Management Domain

Wide range of infrastructure Management Domain Services, covering Build Server, Log Server, Event Server, Monitoring Solution, Patch Server, as well as a Remote Access Workstation. Includes a mail service as well, for alerting and reporting management, and a backup service. Complete Virtual solution.



Complete Management Domain for a virtually hosted environment.


Designed to provide infrastructure support to a solution

Build Server and workstation to provide configuration management, automated deployment

Log Server and Event Management, for log shipping and alerting

Server Monitoring and Alerting service, to confirm service status, host resources


Patch Server, to support Repository, PPA, and adhoc patch management

Backup Service, for application services, as well as management services

Mail Server to manage alerting and reporting

Either Fully managed or Self Administered

Available as complete solution, or a series of plugin services


  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Simple and efficient Open Solution solution
  • Debian/Ubuntu based platform for easy of management, configuration and flexibility
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private cloud architectures
  • Optional High Available, resilient deployments
  • Capable of managing number of services across multiple hosting environments
  • Industry Leading components Chef(R), Zabbix(R), Graylog2(R), Rsyslog(R)
  • Secure platform base, built to NSA standards
  • Web based management. Dashboards, Reporting, Alerting, Cloud Management


Complementary Products and Services

  • Viewdeck Secure Mail Server
  • Viewdeck Infrastructure DevOps Build Server
  • Viewdeck Log Server
  • Viewdeck Event Management Server
  • Viewdeck Patch Server
  • Viewdeck Monitor Server
  • Viewdeck Backup Service
  • Viewdeck Remote Administration Desktop as a Service

Client Access

  • Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 or better)


  • A Viewdeck Patch Server is a requirement to provide a patch service and Virus/Rootkit signatures upgrades
  • A Viewdeck Log Server is a requirement to provide event monitoring for the service
  • A Viewdeck Monitor Service is required to provide availability and host health check monitoring
  • Backup Solution providing secure offline remote cloud based storage is required. The Viewdeck Backup Service provides a suitable service
  • The Secure Mail Server with connectivity to the secure administration mailbox providing alerting and reporting from the hosts
  • Secure Remote Administrator Access via a suitable secure network. This will vary depending on the hosting environment

The Viewdeck Management Domain as a Service, is a complete hosting support service for virtual cloud environments. Providing key infrastructure services, it supports Monitoring and alerting, System Build, Event and Log Management, Backup, and messaging/alerting. Using best of breed, Open Source solutions, this combined capability can be utilised either as a single service, or as independent components. Either Self Administered or Fully Managed, we provide a secure remote access desktop, to control and manage access across the estate. All services are built to NSA standards.

Zabbix : Core of the host monitoring and performance solution. Graylog : Log Collection, Event Management Chef Server : Configuration Management, and Build/Automated deployment. Mail Server : Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Amavisd etc

This service includes an initial standard set-up configuration and support to help get your initial requirement up and running.

These services are suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting, in Internet, Tier1 or higher environments.

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