Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification - Secure Gateway

Service providing

A Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification Secure Gateway Services, delivering a secure audited interoperability with the VMIV (Viewdeck Mobile Identity Verification) Law Enforcement, Border and Humanitarian Services and national infrastructure capabilities. Bilateral capability,  both Transmission and Receiving in secure environments, it supports cross-Agency interoperability, fully monitored/audited, combined with load-balancing for resilient service integrity.





Interfaces to other Law Enforcement and National Infrastructure data-services


Message interoperability with other Law Enforcement systems; PND, PNC, Europol

Integrated into other VSGW services, monitored and logged


Simple and Efficient, Low bandwidth and secure networks supported


Resilience and Highly Available configurations, to support service levels

Open standards such as REST, XML, CSV etc

Auditing of multiple message types and interfaces

Ability to transform data at the boundary for structured interoperability

Secured, audited, managed, and under configuration control

Predominantly built with Open Source components


  • Interfaces with existing Law Enforcement systems to provide Identity verification
  • Highly portable handheld mobile solution for instant ID verification
  • Enables rapid validation of Identify against National and International Datasets
  • Economical solution for wide deployment, team usage of individuals
  • Full audit-ability of who/what/where/when in evidential quality
  • Cloud Delivery and solutions supporting AWS, Azure, UKCloud and Private-Cloud
  • Supporting Home Office, Law Enforcement, Border Agencies, Home Office
  • Agile delivery methodology enabling quick response to requirements

Other Key Services

Mobile and Fixed Verification for Border Security

Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification for Law Enforcement

Mobile and Fixed Verification for Humanitarian Assistance

Mobile and Fixed Verification - Identity Match as a Service

Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification – Secure Gateway

A secure Cloud based service, providing database and gateway interfaces where necessary to Borders National Infrastructure Data Sources. Includes Aggregators and Repositories, and web based Management Portal for controlling Mobile and fixed access Devices, Users, and Identity reference data.

Service includes process flows, and Smartphone applications, with  optional hardened, ruggedised Scanning devices for end users to capture and process Identity Validation activity.

These services are suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting, on the Internet, and in Tier 1 or higher environments.

The core VMIV capability provides mobile controls, fixed border controls, Humanitarian Relief registration and watch listing. VMIV can be used to effectively screen individuals crossing borders and to carry out enforcement checks in country, providing a significant contribution to a safe and secure society. Further VMIV modules can be utilised to add Interpol Checks, Targeting Centres, interfacing into Visa Processing. The solution is secured to the highest standards and can be easily installed at a range of sites. VMIV consists of a mobile device for use by Law Enforcement professionals with a flexible operational service support to allow administration of the system. Analytical tools within the operational service provides a powerful mechanism to search and report on your data to enable intelligence and targeting activities.

VMIV Secure Gateway enables data to be exchanged with different systems. These messages can be sent and received. The Secure Gateway also provides a number of standard interfaces for other systems to connect to.

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