Professional Services

Sourcing and Procurement


Procurement Departments are under increasing pressure to deliver better value for money and importantly cost savings. Government organisations have had to endure rigorous restricted budgets for an extended period, and are looking to their procurement departments to assist in this challenge. In the Digital age, such procurements are increasingly at the heart of ensuring the Digital Transformations can occur.

 Our skilled practitioners are experienced in meeting the challenges of providing procurement support, for fast moving projects attempting to deliver aggressive milestones and timelines.  We have supported a number of significant procurement exercises supporting Government Departments in delivering value for money outcomes.  Our team has significant experience, particularly in Digital Transformation and Cloud Technologies, of supporting these procurement exercises.

 We are adept at working in Agile environments, and have development in-house processes for performing GCloud procurements, to minimise time and reduce risk.  Viewdeck embed their practitioners, within client project teams, and mentor the  client  in the process and skills they use, to provide effective skills transfer.

Service Management


Service transformation has become a key part of the Government’s efficiency and agility change drive across public sector IT.  Cloud services (in the form of commodity elastic SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), brings the opportunity for flexible service delivery. The advance of open, digital technologies, supported by flexible service based components has led to an ever increasing demand  across the industry for organisations to maximise the advantage the digital revolution has to offer them.

Transformation of Service Delivery, by leveraging cloud based technologies, reduces the investment required, whilst at the same time, allowing a service organisation to flex appropriately with business demand.  This disaggregated service delivery model,  offers greater flexibility, with lower initial outlay, as well as the advantage of providing operational costs that are matched to service demand. This helps IT departments and Service organisations meet public sector funding constraints , whilst reducing the need to invest in infrastructure and applications resources.

Project and Programme Management

Close-up of businessman explaining a financial plan to colleagues at meeting

Project, Programme and Portfolio Delivery are critical to organisations in delivering change.  Often the skills required to analyse, manage, govern and deliver change, particularly in cloud based digital transformation, dictate the difference between success and failure.

  • The significance of skills and experience are often underplayed.
  • Too often organisations are forced to use internal resources that are unable to give full commitment, and have not the experience of managing significant transformation.
  • Many transformation projects have demonstrated where benefits have failed to materialise due to overrun, unforeseen risks and spiralling costs, and
  • Failures have a detrimental effect on staff morale, often turning personnel away from further change opportunities, or the adoption of contemporary delivery.

Organisation Design


Our Organisation Design Service provides expert HR, Change Management and Organisational Design skills and support in ICT change and delivery programmes. Our team have worked on and delivered some of the UK’s largest and most complex change programmes, often in incredibly demanding situations.  Our expert practitioners have worked in both the public and private sectors supporting change driven transformations.