Delivery Quality Assurance for the Cloud

Expert Skills and Support to provide

  • Quality Management and Delivery Assurance for Cloud Based solutions
  • Programme Risk Management
  • Requirements and Quality Process definition
  • Quality Analysts, Quality Specialists, and Assurance Managers



Skilled resources to help manage your cloud project quality assurance


Expertise to shape and structure your Quality Assurance processes

Quality processes to your agile, business, and delivery programmes

Quality measurement aligned to Cloud delivery, ICT adoption, strategic planning

Quality Management the full design, delivery and service life-cycle


Project Assurance, Requirements Traceability, Balanced Scorecards, Maturity Models, CMMI

Keywords: Rational Unified Process, Unified Modelling Language, Managing Successful Programmes

Processes: RUP/UML, COBIT, MSP, PRINCE2, ITILv3, CMMI, Six-Sigma


  • Structured, measured, repeatable quality processes
  • Clearer outcomes, measurement of success against known business needs
  • De-risk and clearer reporting to programme, improved compliance
  • Implementing QA processes and creating the Quality Management System
  • Improving delivery Quality, business satisfaction, and value for money
  • Ensuring legislative, regulatory or government standards
  • Organisational reputation

Within the framework of PRINCE2, applying Quality systems and methodology to procurements, solution delivery and transition projects helps provide control and measurement as a programme proceeds, especially in controlling Risk, and helping the apply the right level of governance. Our wide range of core Quality, Requirements and Analysis skills has come from practical delivery experience, in a wide range of public sector circumstances, enable quality audits, controls and compliance checks in difficult and challenging environments.

  • Development of Programme Quality Plans
  • Design and Assurance of key quality products ( product descriptions, formal gates and reviews, product assurance)
  • Audit and Management of the Quality Process
  • Quality Improvement through assurance, advisory and leadership

Quality Improvement, and Quality Assurance in Quality systems helps measure progress, ensure repeatability, de-risk complex programmes and improve success. At the heart is risk management, through the use of repeatable, easily understandable processes, that sit inside your key programmes. Some key areas that we can help you look at include Better control of supplier inputs

  • Understanding the cost and impacts of change
  • Service Improvements, to help improve delivery across the ICT estate
  • Evaluate effectiveness and feedback from original client needs to delivery/solution outcomes
  • Fitting to legislative, regulatory or government standards

Quality Management System

The QA system of management provides the elements necessary to plan, implement, and assess the effectiveness of QA & QC activities. A Quality Management System establishes many functions including:

  • Quality management policies and guidelines
  • Project and process-specific quality plans
  • Criteria for assessing the quality of goods and services
  • Assessments of the effectiveness of QA & QC activities, and
  • Training programs related to quality assurance (system) implementation


Requirements at the heart of Quality

Business Analysis and Requirements Management are critical to the success of any programme, and the quality system.

We offer a simple yet powerful approach to defining and visualising requirements, enabling stakeholders to develop a common vision and clear definition of success. Using tried and proven techniques, Viewdeck supports your team to get clarity and definition of those requirements, enabling it to be communicated to all stakeholders ( including suppliers ) for all phases of a procurement or programme. Though simple, easily adopted process, we can you ensure your requirements quality is applied at the appropriate level, to sufficient detail, in the right places.

Key Areas

  • Product Based Planning
  • Requirements Management
  • Controlled Change
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Quality Management System (Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management)
  • Improved Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Standardisation

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