Viewdeck launch Secure CRM Service

Driving Secure Digital Transformation

Viewdeck launch Secure Project Management tool

Driving Secure Digital Transformation

Viewdeck launch Secure Fileshare Service

Driving Secure Digital Transformation

Viewdeck launch Secure Kanban as a Service

Driving Secure Digital Transformation

Viewdeck launch SaaS Shop

Driving Secure Digital Transformation

Analyse & Review

Our trusted team of analysts, change practitioners and service specialists help scan, evaluate, measure, capture, interpret key needs to help drive transformation.


Design & Architecture

Solution Design leads from close engagement with your organisation, taking requirements and constraints to help pick the best journey from the ‘As-Is’ to the goal.


Deliver & Assure

Whether delivering Systems Integration, Cloud Engineering or Software Development, our engineers and specialists can bring experience and skill to any ICT transformation project.


Plan & Manage

Managing and delivering complex change projects and programmes requires agility, oversight and control.


Viewdeck is a professional, information technology services provider, offering services for the private and public sector. Our aim is to help manage and then deliver ICT transformations within your organisation. With our successful track record, we work with you to deliver results.

Our team has worked across a wide range of clients, from the FTSE and ‘Dot.Coms’ to SMEs and government organisations. Our approach to problem solving combined with operational and transformation experience, has enabled us and our clients implement efficient and effective change.

We are growing and now is a great time to join us

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Viewdeck provides skilled and experienced teams

across the full range of ICT enabled change. From conception to delivery, Service to Assurance, Viewdeck is the trusted delivery partner to help your business meet its challenges, and ensure success in complex and rapidly changing environments.

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