Secure Mobile Data Manager

Open Source Mobile Data Manager running in your private, public or community cloud service, providing a wide range of security enforcing mobile controls including Device Lock, Clear Password, Wifi Control, Camera Control, Policy, Email/Calendar settings and remote wiping.



Based on the WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager


Secure Linux based Open Source MDM Service

Designed to support wide range of Android and IOS devices

Resilient and High Availability Solutions, deployable in Master - Slave formats

Includes simple Web based interface for managing devices


Suitable for easy management and administration by clients

Capable of self administration through Web interface

Service includes regular patches, daily backups and support

Debian/Ubuntu based platform for easy of management, configuration and flexibility

Works with UKCloud, AWS and internal private cloud architectures


  • Provides full range of Mobile Device Control
  • Private solution, UK hosted, suitable for securing
  • Supports BYOD, enables end user self registration
  • Integrates into Enterprise Identity Services ( eg Microsoft AD )
  • Policy driven lock down, cameras, data, applications, security features
  • Over the Air deployments, Remote device ‘wipe’
  • Device tracking, with reporting
  • Deployable in scalable and High Availability configurations
  • Built on an NSA compliant Secure Gold build
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments


Complementary Products and Services

  • Viewdeck Management Domain Service
  • Viewdeck Chef Server Service

Client Access

  • Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 or better)
  • Android and IOS devices


  • A Viewdeck Patch Server is a requirement to provide a patch service and Virus/Rootkit signatures upgrades
  • A Viewdeck Log Server is a requirement to provide event monitoring for the service
  • A Viewdeck Monitor Service is required to provide availability and host health check monitoring
  • Backup Solution providing secure offline remote cloud based storage is required. The Viewdeck Backup Service provides a suitable service
  • The Secure Mail Server with connectivity to the secure administration mailbox providing alerting and reporting from the hosts
  • Secure Remote Administrator Access via a suitable secure network. This will vary depending on the hosting environment

The Mobile Device Management solution provides administration for the administration of mobile devices, smartphones, tablet computers with an organisation. It provides enforcement of corporate policies, and control the activities allowed on mobile devices that are connected to the corporate networks. It provides a wide range of security enforcing features, including over the air application provisioning, settings enforcement, data and application wiping and event/protective monitoring.

The WS02 solution provides a wide range of capabilities and features, to help control and manage external devices.

This MDM solution is based on the Viewdeck Secure Server, a hardened NCA compliance ‘Gold’ build, providing lockdown, NSA compliant hosting platform for cloud deployment. In combination with our Viewdeck services, it provides a managed, secured, resilient service, suitable for deployment in Tier1 environments.

These services are suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting, in Internet, Tier1 or higher environments.

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  • Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd