Security Operations for Cloud Based Solutions

Expertise to provide

  • Business analysis and design to determine the appropriate services, people, processes and technologies required to provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) capability
  • Implementation of SOC services to help provide assurance including incidents are properly identified, analysed, and actioned/defended against



Ensuring the detection, containment, and re-mediation of IT threats

Expertise in security information and event management (SIEM) technologies


Expertise in outsourced managed service SOC and NOC

Processes and procedures to clarify roles, responsibilities and monitoring procedures


Experienced analysts, security engineers, and SOC managers to aid mobilization

Provision of security analysts, security specialists and forensic investigators

ISO27001:2013, CESG GPG13 and PCI-Data Security Standard 3.0 compliant


  • Cost effective security controls; reduce the cost of incidents
  • Up to date measurement of threats and effectiveness of response
  • Proactive response through monitoring, analytic’s and prompt detection
  • Respond faster, work more collaboratively and share knowledge more effectively

Viewdeck’s expertise is founded on highly experienced cyber security professionals who have both deep and current knowledge of the threat landscape facing ICT systems in all organisations today. Cyber attacks are no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.” Viewdeck helps organisations understand that attacks can never be fully prevented, and shows them how to advance their detection capabilities so they can respond appropriately.

The core of a successful SOC is a strong foundation for operational excellence driven by well-designed and executed processes, strong governance, capable individuals and a constant drive for continuous improvement to stay ahead of the cyber adversaries. A good SOC is one that supports business objectives and effectively improves a company’s risk posture. A truly effective SOC is one that provides a safe environment for the business to deliver on its core objectives in line with its strategic direction and vision. Viewdeck has the senior consultants with expertise to ensure that this is achieved. A well-designed and implemented SOC can maximize existing security investments by linking individual technical components (such as anti-virus, IPS, IDS, etc.) in a manner that extends the benefits these systems bring in isolation.

Our team helps you identify and source the people, processes and technologies required to stand up an effective SOC service. With the development of cloud services, leveraging shared and expert managed SOC service’s helps organisations to continue to ‘own’ responsibility for the security of their own data. Our expertise will ensure that your SOC capability is appropriate to the risk and provides the information required to to assure boards that security is being effectively managed.



45101277_mA key SOC capability is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system which aggregates and correlates data from a range of security feeds. These may include network discovery and vulnerability assessment systems; governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems; web site assessment and monitoring systems, application and database scanners; penetration testing tools; intrusion detection systems (IDS); intrusion prevention systems (IPS); log management systems; network behaviour analysis, threat intelligence sources; wireless intrusion prevention systems; firewalls and enterprise antivirus systems. Viewdeck will help you ensure that SIEM technology is effectively harnessed to provide a “control bridge” for the security analysts to monitor the enterprise.

When assessing an organisation’s security requirements, the Network Operations Centre (NOC) capabilities can be just as important as the SOC. The SOC and NOC complement each other and work in tandem, with the NOC is often responsible for monitoring and maintaining the overall network infrastructure picture. Its primary function is to ensure uninterrupted network service, while the SOC is responsible for protecting networks, as well as web sites, applications, databases, servers and data centers, and other technologies.

Physical Security

Our team can help you ensure that the SOC and the physical security operations unit coordinate and work together.

Roles and Responsibilities

The SOC processes and procedures should clearly identify roles and responsibilities as well as the monitoring procedures. These processes include business, technology, operational and analytical processes, and should lay out what steps are to be taken in the event of an alert or breach including escalation procedures, reporting procedures, and breach response procedures. Key points:

  • Well-designed and executed processes
  • Strong links to organisational governance
  • Ensuring recruitment capable individuals (whether in-house or managed service)
  • A drive for continuous improvement

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