Getting the right outcome from your Digital Marketplace procurement is critical to ensuring success in your transformation programme part 2.


The second in a series of short videos to help with the process of producing high quality and predictable results from the Digital Marketplace. The videos identify some of the tools and techniques that we have used to help our clients overcome the pitfalls and risks, ensuring they get to the right answer in the increasingly complex world of ICT procurement.  This first video discusses:

  • How to Identify a clear set of Key Criteria, from both Functional and Non-Functional needs, to help clarification, evaluation, and focus on what is important, and
  • Simple templated approach to provide consistency in approach, confidence in selection and audit trail.

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The first video identified how to simplify, but at the same time improve the quality of your GCloud/Catalogue procurements including:

  • Identifying a streamlined process that progresses from requirements, through downselect, clarifications and award
  • Providing a clear briefing to potential suppliers, with a set of SMART requirements that can be used to evaluate, communicate and clarify.
If you missed the first part click here.
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