System Engineering for the Cloud


  • Full Systems Integrator/System Build capability for Private, Public and GCloud hosting environments
  • Expert skills in the design, build, deploy and test of system components to create enterprise scale capabilities
  • Ready-made and easy to deploy system building blocks



System hardening and infrastructure build services for cloud services


Engineering capabilities to help deliver repeatable infrastructure capabilities

Web, Application, database solutions across Tier 1 and Tier 2

Highly Available solutions providing resilient and business critical services

Architected to integrate and provide 'Component Engineering' to system build


Suitable to deploy to public, private or GCloud virtualised environments

Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Skyscape

Linux based system build capabilities, in Cloud and Hybrid environments


  • Simple Efficient Effective, that can reduce the time to live
  • Integrates into existing suppliers and tower delivery models
  • Designed to give fixed build costs, speed to market
  • Repeatable, quality process, that provides confirmation of compliance
  • Delivering secure platforms for applications

Viewdeck’s System Engineering for the Cloud is a full Systems Integrator/System Build capability for Private, Public and GCloud hosting environments. We provide expert skills in the design, build, deploy and test of system components to create enterprise scale capabilities. With the wide availability of virtualised hosting solutions, we provide a ready-made and easy to deploy system building blocks that can simplify and reduce the time to live of new or refreshed services.

Our pre-configured engineering templates (VAST Templates) can greatly speed up the time to create and deploy standard infrastructure components, or provide the basis for customised or bespoke solutions.

Key Features

  • All systems include key system hardening features like host firewalls, virus checking, log reporting, NIDS, Root Kit, Apparmor/SELinux, PAM/SSHd lockdown etc by default
  • Easy support and management features including web administration and daily exception reporting
  • Optional Highly Available architectures and deployments ( eg resilience, dual configurations, etc )
  • Architected to integrate together and provide ‘Component Engineering’ to system build and design
  • Suitable to deploy to public, private or GCloud virtualized environments ( eg Amazon AWS, Skyscape )
  • Linux based platforms, with either Ubuntu/Debian, Centos or RedHat /RHEL distributions

Build Guides, and/or System Engineering into Dev,Test or Live

To easily fit into your existing project structures/sourcing models, projects can choose either just a Low Level Design/build guide, or a full Virtual Machine build and test delivery, with VMs being delivered into either Development, Test or Production environments, at the impact level needed (IL0 to IL4 ).

System Build Guides come as tested templates that can either be configured for individual scenarios or customised to specific needs. Each also includes specific Deployment Instruction’s, and Test Scripts, built to NSA standards, with step by step compliance statements to help support any accreditation or Information Assurance activity.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Clients can choose to take advantage of the optional patch management services and ongoing 2nd and 3rd line support options, designed to fit seamlessly into existing hosting/tower frameworks and compliment the capabilities of any existing in-house or ‘legacy’ System’s Integrators. The Viewdeck System Engineering capability provides the right services to simplify the development of ICT services and the deployment of capabilities to secure and federated/tower environments.

Full Cloud Engineering

Each deployment uses the traditional engineering life cycle to take the hosting templates and high level designs to provide a client specific set of build and deployment products. These might be vanilla/generic, configured to individual circumstances, or if necessary, customised to fit the target environment. Our process will be familiar to any engineering project, and include

  • High Level Design ( including solution architecture, and key NFR’s like backup and High Availability )
  • Low Level System Designs, based on the VAST server Templates
  • Individual System Build Guides ( customised as necessary )
  • Component Testing Scripts to confirm builds have been successfully delivered
  • System Engineering capability to build and deploy the systems to either Development, Test or Live environments
  • Integration Engineering, to connect system components together to create a coherent service
  • Ongoing 2nd and 3rd line support and patch management

Standard Infrastructure Services

The range of pre-built server templates/system building blocks includes the full range of system infrastructure services, including :-

  • ‘Base’ hardened Server Platform (‘Gold Build’)
  • DNS and DHCP services
  • Time ( NTP ) services
  • Software based firewalls and Routers, including IPSEC and SSL based VPN services
  • Patch Management and Package Services
  • Log Collection and reporting Services


Standard Application Services

The following application services are provided from standard solution templates, and where necessary customised to meet deployment needs. All are based on the ‘Gold’/base server build.

  • Web hosting (locked down apache2 and Wiki)
  • Relational and Non Relational database services (mysql and mongodb)
  • Java Enterprise application servers (Tomcat and JBoss)
  • ESB, Enterprise Service Bus services (JBoss)
  • Web Content Management (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, CMSMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management (Alfresco)
  • Portal Solutions (Liferay)
  • Protective Monitoring services (rsyslog/LogAnalyzer)
  • Desktop / Thin Services (Thin Client and LTSP)

Key Concepts

  • Simple Efficient Effective
  • Integrates into existing service management processes
  • Designed to give fixed build costs
  • Flexible support models
  • Suitable to deploy to Public, Private and GCloud virtualized environments

Our Experience

At Viewdeck, we provide a range of skills and experience to help you meet your Design, Build, Test and Delivery goals. Our team has real experience in delivering capabilities across a wide range of UK Public Sector clients.

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