Technical Services

Technical Consulting Services


Viewdeck’s Technical Services for the Cloud provides solution development, service migration, legacy encapsulation and maintenance services for Cloud based solutions. Secure Integrated Services, based on Cloud Architectures, are suitable for a wide range of scenarios, and to ensure security we also provide a Security Service Operations (SOC) Technical Service for the Cloud.  Viewdeck is able to offer a range of technical services to support Digital and Cloud focused services.  Viewdeck has many years experience in providing technical support services to a number of Government clients for some major transformation projects with some of these projects being extremely complex in nature.  Viewdeck has supplied resources embedded in project teams to help with Legacy Application and Services Transition, provided Architectural Strategy and Design and also Assurance in particular to verify and validate supplier services preparing them for the Cloud.

Technical Design and Architecture Services


Our Technical Design and Architecture practice covers a wide range of sourcing strategy, Cloud Design and Solution Architecture capabilities. These include: Solution Architecture (Application, Networking and Security Infrastructure). Cloud Adoption including how to migrate to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Enterprise Architecture across the whole estate (From Business to Information to technology, aligned to strategic business, organisational and HMG strategy). Information Strategy, and how to apply it to your customers, stakeholders and operational needs. Information Security/ Assurance, to help secure your assets. Migration away from legacy and locked-in service to open source and simpler architecture.

Technical SaaS Products


Applications are the lifeblood of modern business.  Applications are often tailored over many years to the business process and capture the logic and data critical to the business operation.  The business is generally heavily reliant on the applications and the infrastructure supporting the applicant’s.  Of particular concern for modern business is the vulnerability of business systems to cyber attack which can be extremely costly.

Viewdeck provide a number of secure servers that are presented as cloud delivered services offerings. These allow business to select a managed offering for supporting their critical applications whilst taking away the security management overhead.

  • DevOps and Secure SaaS Delivery Services
  • Managed AppServers for Cloud Solutions
  • Network and Security Services for the Cloud