Technical, Solution and Design Assurance for Cloud Services

Expert Skills and Support providing

  • Alignment to Digital by Design and the Digital Service Manual principles/guidelines.

  • Solution Quality Control, Governance and Assurance.

  • Experienced practitioners in both client and supply side, in alignment with strategy, policy and technical goals.

  • Technical Cloud programme delivery



Fit to Programme/Solution Requirements, and Contracted baseline


Synchronisation of High Level and Low Level Designs to provide confidence

Output aligned Product Descriptions and Quality Management


Alignment to Digital by Design, Digital Service Manual principles/guidelines


Expert practitioners, risk management/design assurance for National Critical Infrastructure

Solution Design Integrity mapping to requirements

Completeness of design, map to ICT/technical, information and security needs

Assurance framework and Maturity Model

Supplier technical management, outsourced procurement

Processes: COBIT, ISO27000, ISO27001, PRINCE2, ITIL, MSP, GPG, ValuIT


  • Identify early omissions in the design process
  • Confirmation and confidence of programme alignment with ICT strategy
  • Meeting technical, security and non functional requirements
  • Addressing and managing risks in agile, digital and traditional delivery
  • Cost Benefit alignment to strategy, policy and benefits
  • Solution Value for Money – run costs evaluation to baselines
  • Ensure solution integrity across end-to-end designs, mixed multi-vendor
  • Compliance and Alignment to HM Government Service Design Manual
  • Confidence and critical support in secure, mission critical, non-stop
  • Technical governance in ICT design and delivery

Key Areas

ICT Strategy for Cloud Services

Cloud DevOps Advisory, Design and Delivery Services

Technical Design and Architecture for Cloud based Solutions

Database Services for Digital Projects

Continuous Delivery and Integration for the Cloud

Cloud Readiness and Strategic Advisory Service

Technical Services for Digital Projects

Technical Design and Architecture for Cloud based Solutions

Technical Design Assurance gives quality control, risk management, technical confidence and expert practitioner support, over ICT and Cloud Digital programme delivery, providing the confirmation and confidence that your programme is being delivered in-line with your strategy,, policy and meeting technical, security and non-functional requirements, as well as addressing and managing risks in handling and processing information.

Typically, this will look across the full range of technical design products, at a range of measures, including:

  • Fit to Programme/Solution Requirements, and Contracted baseline.
  • How Requirements have been flowed down to design teams/areas (Design Integrity).
  • How well High Level and Low Level Designs are synchronised.
  • Whether there is completeness in the whole design framework, end to end solution outcomes.
  • Alignment to corporate targets and strategy (e.g. Re-Use, Preferred Products, ICT Strategic Principles).
  • Resource allocations and project planning is suitable to meet the design goals.
  • Suitability to inform the next stage of the delivery process (e.g. the Build stage).
  • Outputs aligned to defined Product Descriptions, and comply with programme product breakdown structure (Quality Management).
    Suitable to be used to inform the Testing Process (e.g. Identify what to test, how to test it).
  • Identifying, aligning and embedding with the governance framework to provide control and confidence in the technical assurance.
  • Provision of tools and processes to support measurement and alignment (e.g. Maturity Models).

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