Vendor Management


Vendor Management as a Service provides whole lifecycle support and control of your key supplier partnerships. Agile, Digital aligned, helping develop key capabilities ensuring optimum supplier performance. Focused on selecting, managing and improving vendor performance, against agreed outcomes. We provide full support to your Service Transition and Service Management needs.

We have an excellent working current knowledge and practical experience of commercial and programme process, procedures and more granular activities such as business case approval, funding, commercial sign-off procedures. Over time we have developed a range of processes and services to deliver and strengthen Strategic Vendor Management. These include:


Identification of the Client’s journey


Exit or replacement of existing suppliers, services and technologies

Development of processes to support vendor management, sourcing and procurement activities

Development and maturity of new and existing supplier relationships

Recruitment and onboarding of new suppliers


Tailored documentation to support knowledge transfer and training


  • Manage multiple suppliers to achieve your business goals.

  • Efficient sourcing and alignment to Service Strategy.

  • Part of the move to outcomes based sourcing.

  • Support Vendors to identify success, quality and performance.

  • Enables the mitigation of contractual and supplier risk through visibility.

  • As part of the Intelligent Client Function, helps improve value for money and agility.

  • SMEs with technical expertise and market insight.

  • Managed and Control contractual and commercial changes.

  • Work with internal commercial and procurement resources to achieve improvements.

  • Aligned to CCS and Digital frameworks.

Agile delivery is now generally accepted having been considered for many years a rather specialist and extreme idea. Agile is being widely adopted by government and most new initiatives are driving towards Agile methods.



Management of existing and new vendors, onboarding, targets, outcomes management.


Backlog grooming and preparation, sprint planning and delivery

End to end selection and sourcing, procurement process.


Skills transfer to existing project and programme teams


Review and support change of Existing contractual arrangements to meet Service needs.

Structured Vendor Management process to provide repeatable, measured quality.

Stakeholder engagement, change support and cross team engagement.

Service Outcome Identification and management against SLA's and KPI's.

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