VFAS Viewdeck Fraud Analytics Service

VFAS is a highly scalable fraud identification platform.  VFAS finds and detects anomalies and exceptions, which can be part of a Fraud or Operational Risk scenario, across huge amounts of data both from within an organisation and from external sources including social media. Using that knowledge in real-time to:

  • Inform Investigators,
  • Identify perpetrators, and
  • Improve automated decision making processes.

VFAS is optimised for use in the law enforcement and government sectors.



Open source, Cloud deployed


Easy to use, familiar web based technology

Scalable, to accommodate huge volumes of data

Handles internal and external, structured and unstructured data sources

Integrates with case management tools


Fully collaborative platform

Suitable for local and remote access, Desktop, Tablets

Simple to add additional data sources

Supports Investigations and Downstream prosecution

Simple workflow and task allocation



  • Easy to add additional data sources
  • Supports collaboration
  • Simple no client software required for deployment
  • Scalable to very large volumes of data
  • Brings predictive analytics to the desktop
  • Viewdeck Secure Server platform, an NSA compliant VM build
  • Available for Web and Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private clouds
  • Law Enforcement, Central and Local Government, Health, Benefits, Local Authority, Housing