VFOI Viewdeck Freedom of Information

VFOI is a lifecycle request management solution built on the GoPro Advanced Case Management (ACM) platform, and provides organisations with an electronic workplace, with all required workflow, document, records management, as well as integrated collaboration functions for comprehensive case management, email integration, and by field-based users on mobile devices.



Open source, Cloud deployed


Easy to use, familiar web based technology

Provides online access to to all involved parties

Provides configurable process management to accommodate existing business processes

Suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting


VFOI offers an out-of-the-box FOI management service

Handles request initiation, stakeholder involvement, and collaboration

Tracks progress of FOI request through the process

Supports Investigations and Downstream prosecution

Simple workflow and task allocation



  • Improves quality and effectiveness of internal processes
  • Helps to control and improve turnaround times
  • Integrated tracking and reporting
  • Encourages collaboration through the organisation
  • Identifies regular problem areas
  • Supports mobile working
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private clouds
  • Law Enforcement, Local and Central Government