Video Management and Portal as a Service

Designed to support large quantities of Video and Audio content, this Service enables multi-media content to be uploaded, stored, indexed, managed and categorised in a simple web application. Ideal for cross agency working, dispersed teams or remote users, it can be deployed in secure environments, over secure networks.



Ability to manage large quantities of media content


Indexing and categorisation. Ability to 'publish' and make available

Utilises Low cost cloud storage for large scale retention

Easy to add comments to material, easy to integrate to other platforms

Automatic Notifications of new content, Alerting to new items


Ability to tag items

Simple easy administration

Supports Mobile Devices, Web, Android, IOs etc

Web based, allowing disjointed remote teams to work together

Open Source solution, that is easy and intuitive to use


  • Scalable and Secure, Role Based access
  • Cross Agency co-operation, Extend team out to the field
  • Simple no client software required for deployment
  • Scalable to very large concurrent teams. On-line learning
  • Viewdeck Secure Server platform, an NSA compliant VM build
  • Available for Web and Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private clouds
  • Law Enforcement, Health, Benefits, Local Authority, Housing, Social


Complementary Products and Services

  • Viewdeck Management Domain Service
  • Viewdeck Resilient Database as a Service

Client Access

  • Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 or better)


  • A Viewdeck Patch Server is a requirement to provide a patch service and Virus/Rootkit signatures upgrades
  • A Viewdeck Log Server is a requirement to provide event monitoring for the service
  • A Viewdeck Monitor Service is required to provide availability and host health check monitoring
  • Backup Solution providing secure offline remote cloud based storage is required. The Viewdeck Backup Service provides a suitable service
  • The Secure Mail Server with connectivity to the secure administration mailbox providing alerting and reporting from the hosts
  • Secure Remote Administrator Access via a suitable secure network. This will vary depending on the hosting environment

Based on MediaDrop (R), The Viewdeck Video Portal Service is a straight forward, Enterprise solution, that can be scaled from small teams to large organisations. Its Web architecture, provides additional security, ease of deployment, and the ability to co-ordinate and share across organisations and agencies.

  • Workflow content, categorisation
  • Large storage for later use
  • Release material on a controlled basis
  • Simple to use, easy to manage
  • Recompress, reencode if necessary

Trademarks and Copyrights: 

  • MediaDrop is a Trademark of Felix Schwarz
  • Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.