Viewdeck Product Videos

Automate to Migrate

DevOps is not just coming, DevOps is happening now. Gartner state that DevOps will evolve in 2016 from a niche strategy employed by large cloud providers to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of Global 2000 organisations.
See how DevOps can deliver rapid benefits to your organisation through the adoption of this enabling, transforming technology.

This video brings together organisations at the forefront of secure DevOps, with real life experience of transformation and business benefit.  Hear our contribution and those of our partners Chef Software, Skyscape Cloud Services and Synyega.


Code to Comply

This video demonstrates how the power of DevOps can be used to drive continuous compliance with assurance at velocity providing assurance that IT systems adhere to the increasing demand for compliant and secure operations.

With a correctly provisioned and tested infrastructure, plus rules that automate rigorous security testing and policy assurance, you can reduce risk, provide a faster route to delivery and help enable DevOps within your organisation

Hear our contribution and see a demonstration of how the Chef capabilities can deliver compliance automation in a secure cloud based environment with our partners Chef Software and Skyscape Cloud Services. We also share our experience of helping customers reduce cost and drive efficiencies in pursuit of this goal.

Secure Service Desk Service

Viewdeck’s Secure Service Desk Service. Simple, secure and immediate. Available now in the secure cloud.


VVMS Viewdeck Video Management Service

Video footage has become an essential tool of every business to secure its staff, manage its property and ensure the safety of its customers. The growth in content has led to an ever increasing problem of how to store, process, manage and audit that content.  VVMS is a cloud based Video Management Solution designed to utilise secure cloud services (both public and private) to give you control. It provides the ability to gather, store, triage, publish, archive, audit and purge that content, without impacting your existing IT systems or networks. VVMS utilises current cloud technology to handle large volumes of data.  The solution provides an affordable solution to the problems traditionally associated with handling large volumes of video files.

Ease of use is at the heart of the service and offers a simple user-defined workflow to enable content checking, triage and publication. Automated storage administration manages out of date or large unrequired data sets.   The solution is based on open standards adding to existing infrastructure and integrating with wider content and case management solutions.



VVCS Video Conferencing and Collaboration Service

Web Conferencing and project collaboration service designed for mobile and desktop clients. Using WebRTCtechnology, this service supports large ad-hoc online meetings, requiring no software to be installed on the end device. Ideal for small teams, remote projects or large ‘lecture style’ presentations, the service brings dispersed teams together