Partnership pairs web-based collaborative investigation identification and management tools with secure cloud-based UK government expertise to extract valuable intelligence from disparate data sources

vp49dcowVisallo gives investigators a modern web-based interface and suite of advanced search, link analysis, visualisation, and collaborative investigation management tools built on a scalable platform, based on familiar big data tools including Hadoop, Spark, Accumulo, and Elasticsearch.  This provides the information analyst with a platform that can scrutinise all types of data from all kinds of sources. Structured data from organisational systems and unstructured data like documents, photos, or videos are all important assets. Visallo’s multi-media metadata extraction and indexing will help analysts draw out valuable information from a wide variety of formats and sources.

Glenn Hardy, Strategic Sales and Partnerships Director at Viewdeck commented “We have been seeking an information investigation platform to complement our range of law enforcement and borders-related technologies and to strengthen our VFAS – Viewdeck Fraud Analytic Service portfolio.  Visallo is that platform.  With a long pedigree in this market place we look forward to bringing their innovative analytic solution to the UK and European markets”.

Jeff Kunkle, President of V5 Analytics commented “Visallo is a great solution for many law enforcement, intelligence, and border-related problem sets and we couldn’t be happier to have Viewdeck as a partner who can build and deliver solutions around Visallo. Not only does this partnership help us deliver to the UK and European markets, it also provides access to Viewdeck’s hard-earned insights in those markets to help us improve the product to better address a wider variety of customer needs.”

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