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With only a few months to go until the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union, many UK companies remain unaware of their obligations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, enforceable from May 2018. Despite being an EU Directive, the UK Government has confirmed its commitment to enforce the GDPR following Brexit. Organisations that do not meet the stringent data security regulations face large fines and damage to their reputation. Some high profile cases have already been reported in the International Press which relate to data breaches and/or non-payment of the ICO registration fees.

Viewdeck Consulting can provide an affordable and simple to follow GDPR compliance Service; from Gap Analysis and staff training to GDPR compliance implementation. With extensive experience of compliance and data security, Viewdeck Consulting is well placed to advise its clients. Recognising the potential impact of GDPR should also align to the importance of overall systems security. For more information click here 

Rhodri Stone, Chief Security Officer at Viewdeck commented GDPR implementation is shaping up to be a challenge for many businesses, owing to the increased specific legal obligations it puts on data controllers and data processors. The transition path from DPA to GDPR compliance is not always easy and many organisations are in need of help to understand the complexities. Our seasoned information security professionals have a proven track record of helping organisations to become GDPR compliant’.

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