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Viewdeck is pleased to announce the launch of its Secure Git Service. This is a team/software development service providing code control, configuration management, version tracking, automated build and a ‘git’ repository service, in a secure private environment. This is ideal for distributed teams, that are unable to use or operate in public cloud environments, or need to comply with security, GPDR or development assurance standards. Based on Gitlab, the Viewdeck service provides traditional ‘git’ client support, capable of bringing together teams running on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, using a wide range of command line and gui clients. The service also provides a web interface, enabling users to graphically interact with the repository, as well as interactively navigating changes, commits and branches. The service can enable you to fine control access to repositories and code stores, at team, user and project level, and can operate either solely inside your domain, or through controlled managed access to offshore and remote parties. Viewdeck provides a secure resilient service wrap, delivering a simple project based solution that can kick start your project quickly.

The Viewdeck Git Service is part of our Productivity Suite delivering secure development and project capabilities to distributed teams. The service is available through the Viewdeck SaaS Shop that provides a range of secure, UK hosted and managed, Cloud-based applications. All SaaS Shop products are available to both public and private sector organisations operating on a wide range of end-user platforms and devices. SaaS Shop is designed to allow customers to consume products on demand. No long term commitments, simple to use and simple to consume.

Gary Seymour, CEO of Viewdeck commented “Gitlab is the backstop and rock for secure, managed, agile, solution development. This production service gives teams instant resilient and secured development services. We use these products to help drive the digital solutions at the heart of our services and to deliver quality managed capabilities for our customers”.

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