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Viewdeck is pleased to announce the launch of its Secure Video Chat Service. This easy to use desktop and mobile capability is available through the Viewdeck SaaS Shop, along with our range of secure, UK hosted and managed, Cloud-based applications. Our Video Chat service is one of a series of secure cloud-based applications, presenting an alternative for organisations that are looking for “cloud” and collaboration functionality but are unable to share their data in the Public cloud. This service is aimed at organisations who need a fully functional and easy to adopt video solution where the data stays under your control, in the UK, that integrates easily into your chat, collaboration and project environment, while at the same time offering the ability to connect securely to mobile and remote workers.

All of our secure products are ideal for both public and private sector organisations operating across a wide range of platforms and devices. SaaS Shop is designed to allow customers to consume secure SaaS based products on demand. No long term commitments, simple to use and simple to consume. You can download detailed information, request a demonstration, organise a trial or purchase product through our website.

The Viewdeck Video Chat Service is based on open source technology, and includes a wide range of collaboration, messaging and calling capabilities, including desktop screen sharing, integrated chat, auditing and recording . The video chat capability is also integrated with our Secure Chat and Collaboration service, that forms part of our Productivity Suite. The Service can support simple small team communications, in a project environment, up to large ‘broadcast’ capabilities, globally, at High Definition.

Glenn Hardy, COO of Viewdeck commented “This service represents a further evolution in the development of our SaaS services. Secure video chat provides a natural way for teams to work together, securely, across PC’s, Macs Iphones and Mobiles. Our Secure Web Chat integrates with the productivity and collaboration tools to provide a securely connected work environment for any project”

To find out more about our secure Video Chat service click here

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