Driving Secure Digital Transformation

To support its Productivity Suite, Viewdeck is pleased to announce the availability of its Secure Wiki Service. This secure service is automatically provided with our Productivity Suite delivering a secure development capability for distributed teams presenting an alternative for organisations unable to share “in the cloud”. All products are available to both public and private sector organisations operating on a wide range of platforms, enabling distributed private, hybrid or mixed teams to collaborate. SaaS Shop is designed to allow customers to consume products on demand. Use as much as you need, when you need it. No long term commitments, simple to use and simple to consume.

The Viewdeck Wiki Service is based on the TWiki collaborative Wiki. It provides an enterprise project website ideal for intranets, extranets or cross organisational working. The power of the Wiki allows teams to share content across domains and locations in a flexible and secure way. You can download detailed information on the Productivity Suite, request a demonstration, organise a trial or purchase product here.

Gary Seymour, CEO of Viewdeck Consulting commented, “We are focused on delivering high quality, secure SaaS services to our clients that will increase their productivity in the digital age. Hosted, managed and serviced in the UK, offering full GDPR compliance”.

Achieving Digital Productivity, by Design