12th April 2016. Viewdeck announces VFAS,  its secure Fraud Analytics Service powered by FROPS from Salviol Global Analytics, is now available on the Skyscape Cloud Services Platform.

By utilising a secure, UK managed Cloud based service, this solution provides a smart way for Law Enforcement Agencies, Local Authorities and Central Departments to collaborate in a secure and smart way, using resources only when required. With connectivity to PSN(P), and legacy networks like GSI/CJX etc, it enables collaboration and shared services, delivering real modern, joined up  services at affordable prices, in a responsive and efficient way. The VFAS service provides advanced Fraud Analytics across internal and external data sources, as well as open sources, to the analyst’s desktop in real time. Its unique approach enables your solution to identify and learn patterns in behaviour, enabling higher first-time success activity and continuing improvements in compliance.

Building ever larger and more complex databases of aggregated information is not the answer.  VFAS does not require further silos of data to be built.  It accesses internal and external sources of data to provide a single view of information that can be analysed simply and easily – either through the commonly used i2 Analyser or other presentational portals.

Contact Us now for details how you can get access quickly to this service through frameworks like G-Cloud.