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Following the recent successful launch of our Secure Video and Conferencing Service, Viewdeck are very pleased to announce that it is now available on a trial basis. The service is aimed at organisations who want to use video chat and conferencing on a regular basis, but who also want an easy-to-adopt service that is completely secure, that can be integrated into existing services Price plans start at less than £10 per user.

With with only a few months to go until the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union, many UK companies remain unaware of their obligations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, enforceable from May 2018. This product ensures all or your data and information transferred between your users remains totally secure.

The service forms part of our Secure Productivity Suite, providing a light-weight online collaboration zone for teams to work together more effectively. It is available through the Viewdeck SaaS Shop with a range of secure, UK hosted and managed, cloud-based applications.

The Viewdeck Video Service is based on leading open source technology, and includes a wide range of collaboration, messaging and calling capabilities, including desktop screen sharing, integrated chat, auditing and recording . The video capability is also integrated with our Secure Chat and Collaboration service, that forms part of our Productivity Suite. The Service can support simple small team communications, in a project environment, up to large ‘broadcast’ capabilities, globally, at High Definition.

Rhodri Stone, Chief Security Officer at Viewdeck commented This service represents a further evolution in the development of our SaaS services. Secure video chat provides a natural way for teams to work together, securely, across PC’s, Macs, Iphones and Mobiles. Our Secure Video Service integrates with our productivity and collaboration tools to provide a securely connected work environment for any project”

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