A look back at Viewdeck Supporting DVLA PACT Exit – July 2016

The DVLA IT estate had been an outsourced function for 22 years, with the latest outsourced contract PACT:  Partners Achieving Change Together being over a decade old. Not unusually, the IT estate had been through several supplier ‘hands’ since it was first designed in the late 1990’s. These contracts, as was the central strategic direction at the time, were to effectively put all of the Agency’s technology provision into the hands of leading Systems Integrators (SI’s). All of the onsite technology, the service maintenance, shared service provision and the digital delivery was handled by these system integrators. DVLA’s role became one of assurance, making sure the service, contract and delivery were executed to contract and specification.dvla

During the last parliament, DVLA recognised that the PACT contract would be a major blocker to their digital transformation plans. With the support and guidance of  Crown Commercial and the Government Digital Services team, the PACT contract successfully concluded during the latter part of 2015/early 2016. Viewdeck was chosen as a client side partner for a range of  commercial/ procurement strategic services, people HR implementation advice, and security support services, to help with the in-sourcing/on-boarding of critical people, services and functions.

Viewdeck provided a mixed team for over 15 months, providing client side advisory and support in the strategic exit of the ICT Supplier. The change programme target was £225M of savings over 10 years, and immediate £10M per month roll on costs (if Exit had not been achieved). Viewdeck’s team led the HR workstream (supporting the transfer of over 400 people from the suppliers into the organisation under TUPE), and the Commercial team, identifying, negotiating, renewing, and or novating over 179 sub-contractor or 3rd party service providers across to the Authority. This also included providing architectural and technical assessments to understand relevance, importance and strategic fit around key technologies like WinTel and  Mainframe re-support.

It also included supporting the migration of a number of shared services provided by DVLA, architectural support and advisory to align the Agency’s new ICT delivery around its Target Operating Model, and aligning the Commercial Strategy to the Government Service Design Manual. A key part of this was to develop a risk position on the 26,500 ICT assets in-scope for the contract Exit, the appropriate levels of support needed, evaluating/advising on SLA’s, and the key licensing issues that the organisation needed to manage as part of that transition. An additional element of support for the Agency during this time, was providing a small team to help with the cyber security process of onboarding, event log services, capability coaching, RMADS changes, and the take on of the Protective Monitoring solution.

The HR stream lead managed a number of estates, Organisation re-Design and cultural change activity. The TUPE activity drove the transfer of over 400 technical and support staff from a number of technical suppliers (Sub Contracts under PACT ) into the Civil Service, covering key issues like the agreement of measures, payroll etc.

David Sellars, Viewdeck Delivery Director confirmed “Viewdeck were pleased to be involved in PACT Exit, providing key client side advisory and support to the Programme during the critical phase of the delivery, actively driving some of the complex changes during the transition, ensuring no loss of service’.

As part of supporting the Agency ‘post Exit’, Viewdeck provided an evaluation of the SLA’s/contract needs against future digital strategy, and led on the development of a “Commercial IT Strategy” for all high value/strategic contracts, identifying risk/value for money against strategic need for the organisation going forward. This activity included commercial and technical support for the future mainframe (Cloud) strategy, and a new SOC solution for the ongoing ICT delivery.

PACT Exit has been seen as an exemplar for Government Digital Transformation and the project has won a number of industry awards.  In October of 2015 GDS wrote in their blog “Over the last two years the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have been preparing for a huge change. Last Friday, the Partners Achieving Change Together (PACT) contract closed, bringing in-house the technology team that keep DVLA’s services running. The fact that no-one outside DVLA noticed it happening, and that their services continued to work without a hitch is a testament to the success of the switchover.  For more information click here