Viewdeck completes strategic engagement with NHS BSA supporting Digital Transformation

Viewdeck Consulting recently completed a strategic engagement with the NHS Business Services Authority in Newcastle to provide expertise and guidance for their Digital Transformation Programme. NHSBSA has embarked on a business programme of digital transformation, replacing manual legacy processes and ageing technology systems with automated, self-serviced and web optimised capabilinhsbsa1ties.

As part of its 2016/17 business case, NHSBSA aims to develop, test and deploy new services around Health with Health Costs including, NHS Pensions, Prescription processing, Maternity & Medical exemptions, Prescription Pre-payments, Low income scheme, etc. These GDS transformation projects are an integral part of the organisation’s activity to achieve its strategic objectives, specifically:

  • Reduce unit costs by 50%
  • Improve service and deliver great results for customers
  • Digitise 80% of customer and supplier interactions
  • Derive insight from data to drive change

Through the GCloud 8 framework, Viewdeck was chosen to provide tactical and strategic expertise to understand, document and select an approach to utilise IaaS/PaaS services to deliver digital services for the organisation. This inclnhsbsa2uded a review of a draft the cloud strategy, alignment with critical BSA programmes and highlighting key risks in meeting its challenging go-live delivery date.

Viewdeck provided a small highly experienced team with significant practical experience of delivering cloud services to the public sector, and across the delivery, technical and organisational spectrum. This combination of part and full time resources provided skills in Cloud Enablement, Infrastructure, Security and Architecture.

The initial Discovery phase, required a rapid cross-organisational scan to identify the current change activity, key stakeholders, businnhsbsa3ess and programme goals, and to confirm the strategic needs of the organisation against the transformation programme to fulfil the delivery of its new key services.

Following this successful Discovery phase, the team embarked on the second phase; to capture, review and propose a key set of Cloud Platform outcomes, a range of enhancements to the Cloud Strategy to help meet its vision, and identify some key activities to de-risk the programme delivery during the next phases. This included reference architectures to help understand the As-Is and To-Be digital delivery architectures and how they might fit the organisation’s existing Service Transition.

Key delivery functions of Service Management and Security, as well as end to end solution delivery were included in the scope of the activity, enabling the team to provide insight and advice around the current readiness and anticipated direction for parts of the digital delivery programme. Alignment to the CESG/GDS Security Principles (the 14), as well as the organisation’s ITIL based SIAM design were key to the analysis and outcomes of the project.

Graham Tye, Head of Technology Solutions for the Authority commented “Via a short, focussed consultancy assignment, Viewdeck have really helped us with this crucial phase of our digital transformation journey, quickly understanding, and then delivering where we have required assistance in a timely and highly collaborative manner. This has enabled us to prepare for our cloud platform procurement, as well as providing useful insight and analysis in some potential risk areas of our delivery”.

The project was carried out on-site at NHSBSA’s Newcastle headquarters, with Viewdeck embedding architects into the delivery organisation wherever possible. This provided the best means to get the quickest understanding of the current activity, as well as provide regular and direct feedback to the projects and management during the engagement. By using the GDS Service Design Manual approach, an agile approach gave the client the velocity and outcomes it wanted to achieve, while integrating easily into their culture and ethos.

The engagement provided the Authority with the requirements, analysis and guidance needed to help it progress towards key Beta/Live stages for its digital delivery programme.

Viewdeck Consulting is a rapid growth, high technology company. As an experienced solution and professional services provider, we support complex secure ICT change and transformation across the Public and Private sector. Our experience covers Procurement, Outsourcing, Strategic ICT transformation, Security, Enterprise and complex Solutions Architecture.

The Viewdeck team includes SC and DV cleared associates with real experience from both the UK and overseas. We regularly work in the secure, defence and intelligence sectors supporting UK critical national infrastructure, as both point skills/resources as well as teams supporting some of the largest ICT programmes.

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