DevOps and the Digital Transformation Processdevops-3


At Viewdeck, we have used and seen the effect of DevOps as part of the Digital Transformation process.  DevOps is more than just a technology, it is a culture that we embrace throughout all of our SaaS applications and those solutions we have developed for Government Departments and Agencies.  


The DevOps movement, although still in its relative infancy, is gathering pace rapidly across the globe.

DevOps provides many significant benefits:

  • It can significantly accelerate the delivery of change
  • It can provide real agility in Service
  • It allows the Customer to take control becoming both Supplier and Technology agnostic, and
  • It can support elasticity, enabling rapid scaling of capacity, removing large barriers to deployment and delivery.

Gary Seymour, CTO at Viewdeck and a self-confessed evangelist of DevOps commented, “DevOps provides agility in deployment, allows continuous delivery and codifies your infrastructure.  This allows the customer to automate deployments with quality and predictability, capturing the knowledge of how your environments are built up.  DevOps helps to enable an agile, digital organisation and allows the customer to get out of the business of building infrastructure.  As a growing consultancy and SaaS provider DevOps is a cornerstone of our strategy”.

So why are we so positive about DevOps?  It works for our customers and for us? At Viewdeck DevOps supports:

  • Repeatability, providing known odevops-1utcomes
  • Simpler, easier, faster to scale solutions, greatly enhancing productivity: Do once, repeat many times
  • Embedding continuous integration/continuous delivery into our projects and our customer’s organisation
  • Simplified assurance, provides confidence
  • Quality in service delivery, helps to ensure service levels, business continuity and service outcomes.

DevOps has been used in many Departments and Agencies, but in our experience, one particular engagement stands out as an exemplar:  Home Office Exit Checks.  In April 2015, a mission-critical solution for Exit Checks was delivered to the Home Office – in 9 weeks.  This involved standing up four secure environments in UKCloud, all driven through codified, repeatable ‘infrastructure as code’.  At the heart of this was the Chef Server and automation stack.  This enabled the team to deliver a solution that was able to run and pass penetration tests, and support user acceptance testing, system testing and deployment in a repeatable/guaranteed process. This was all achieved in record time – at the outset considered to be impossible.devops-2

At Viewdeck we believe that DevOps should be at the heart of the organisation, providing real value through continuous delivery.  For more information click here