Vulnerability Scanner as a Service

Virtual Vulnerability Scanner as a Service providing

An ongoing comprehensive and powerful penetration testing and vulnerability management solution. Includes a large database of networking tests. Supports continuous delivery and integration through providing delivery teams with updated and ongoing security assessment of their services.



Find security vulnerabilities in services on an Internet facing systems


Includes a database of 47000 external of Network Vulnerability Tests

Ability to schedule testing at regular intervals


Supports wide range of reports formats (XML, HTML, LateX, etc.)


Ability to control many instances from one via Master/Slave Mode

Based on The OpenVAS service

Concurrent scanning of multiple target hosts

Escalation and workflow of test results to assist

Service includes regular patches, daily backups, support

Works with UKCloud, Azure, Rackspace, Memset, internal private cloud architectures


  • Detect known web application vulnerabilities on Web Servers
  • Understand security issues
  • Custom scan options include Full Scan, web server scan, WordPress
  • Check for known vulnerabilities and misconfiguration
  • Simplifying and Self Documenting infrastructure build instructions
  • Greatly reduced build time through re-use of pre-tested ‘cookbooks’
  • Built on an NSA compliant Secure Gold build
  • Available for Web or Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments

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Vulnerability Scanner as a Service

The Viewdeck Vulnerability Solution as a Service provides delivery teams with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment system that can detect security issues in all manner of servers and network devices.

This solution will perform a port scan of an IP address to find open services. Once listening services are discovered they are then tested for known vulnerabilities and mis-configuration using a large database (more than 47000 NVT checks). The results are then compiled into a report with detailed information regarding each vulnerability and notable issues discovered.

Once the results of the tests are received, each finding is then checked for relevance and possibly false positives. Any confirmed vulnerabilities are then remediated to ensure that systems are not at risk.

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