VVMS Video Management

VVMS is a cloud based Video Management Solution designed to utilise secure cloud services (both public and private) to give you control. It provides the ability to gather, store, triage, publish, archive, audit and purge that content, without impacting your existing IT systems or networks.



Open source, Cloud deployed


Easy to use, familiar web based technology

Manage Bandwidth through Cloud Deployment

Integration with mapping services for geolocation purposes

Editing of video images


Distribution back to operation staff/ Operations Centre

Suitable for local and remote access, Desktop, Tablets

Digital Asset Library, including documents

Supports Investigations and Downstream prosecution

Simple workflow and task allocation


  • Simple workflow
  • Cross Agency collaboration
  • Simple no client software required for deployment
  • Scalable to very large concurrent teams.
  • Viewdeck Secure Server platform, an NSA compliant VM build
  • Available for Web and Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Works with Skyscape, AWS and private clouds
  • Law Enforcement, Health, Benefits, Local Authority, Housing, Social Worker

For more information and to see a demonstration click here