Web Collaboration and Wiki Service

The Viewdeck Web Collaboration and Wiki Service is an Open source based collaboration, Wiki, enterprise project website ideal for intranets, extra-nets or cross organisational working. The power of the Wiki allows teams to share content across domains and locations in a flexible secure way.



Secure open source Web Collaboration capability based on TWiki®


Works across a wide range of platforms and browsers

Authorised users can edit web content directly

Full auditing and version control

Full Text Searching, Email Notifications, Structured and Unstructured Content


No plugins or client plugins/software required

Wide range of Plugins available to extend and enhance capabilities

Service includes regular patches, daily backups, support

Debian/Ubuntu based platform for easy of management, configuration and flexibility

Works with Skyscape, AWS and private cloud architectures


  • Rapid Collaboration environment for Project Teams, Investigations, Developments etc
  • Easy/simple to grasp, wide range of existing training content
  • Able to support large diverse teams
  • Capable of self administration through Web interface
  • Integrates into your existing Web, Social and corporate tools
  • Built on an NSA compliant Secure Gold build
  • Managed, Patched, Supported Service, suitable for main stream operational needs
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments

Complementary Products and Services

  • Viewdeck Management Domain Service

Client Access

  • Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 or better)


  • A Viewdeck Patch Server is a requirement to provide a patch service and Virus/Rootkit signatures upgrades
  • A Viewdeck Log Server is a requirement to provide event monitoring for the service
  • A Viewdeck Monitor Service is required to provide availability and host health check monitoring
  • Backup Solution providing secure offline remote cloud based storage is required. The Viewdeck Backup Service provides a suitable service
  • The Secure Mail Server with connectivity to the secure administration mailbox providing alerting and reporting from the hosts
  • Secure Remote Administrator Access via a suitable secure network. This will vary depending on the hosting environment

The Web Collaboration service is based on the leading TWiki product, provided from the Viewdeck Secure Server platform. It provides a wide range of team collaboration and project team working facilities, including

  • Revision control – complete audit trail, including attachments and access control settings
  • Fine-grained access control at site, micro site, or page level based on user groups
  • Extensible Wiki markup language, or TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor
  • Dynamic content generation
  • Forms and reporting – capture structured content, report on it with searches embedded in pages
  • Built in database – users can create simple web applications using the TWiki Markup Language ( Surveys, reports, etc )
  • Customisable and easily branded.
  • RSS/Atom feeds and e-mail notification
  • Many Plugins and Extensions to provide database, spreadsheet, charts, tags, searching capability

These services are suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting, in Internet, Tier1 or higher environments. Collaboration tools provide a quick and easy way for joint teams, investigations, joint agency working, case workers or discovery teams to work together.

Trademarks and Copyrights: 

  • TWiki ® is a registered trademark of Peter Thoeny
  • Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.