Web Conferencing Strategy


  • Conferencing application, delivery and planning in secure cloud solutions
  • Integrated Web and Video Conferencing (Application, Strategy and Planning)
  • Cloud based VCaaS (Video Conferencing as a Service) strategy and deployment
  • VaaS (Video as a Service) browser based Virtual meeting spaces
  • Enterprise wide Cloud Collaboration Architecture
  • Information Security Assurance for VaaS



Defining a strategy for Cloud based Video Collaboration


Identifying existing/new services for migration to Cloud/Virtualised Model

Assistance in planning/design of your Cloud Video estate

Virtual meeting space deployment with integrated Web Collaboration Strategy

Cloud Collaboration and integration on multiple platforms and environments


Transitioning from in-house to Cloud based and virtualised environments

Social media integration to improve collaboration across the enterprise

Hosting at multiple security levels and tiers


  • Delivering cost reduction, simplification and strategy across the Video estate
  • Helping you meet your business goals, service requirements and accreditation
  • Optimising assets and the opportunities/pitfalls presented with new technology
  • Developing the transformation journey
  • Defining the most effective roadmap for you and your business

Our Collaboration and Visual Communication practice provides a broad range of skills and capabilities to enable the development of your VC Strategy, Cloud based VC services and Virtualised browser based virtual meeting rooms for desktop, mobile device and tablet.

  • Integrated Video Conferencing (Application, Strategy and Planning)
  • Cloud service identification and migration for VCaaS (Video Conferencing as a Service) and or VaaS (Video as a Service)
  • Enterprise wide Cloud Collaboration Architecture across the whole estate; from business to business interoperation, to technology alignment to strategic business goals and HMG strategy
  • Information Security Assurance within the Video Estate. Defining the policies and requirements to help secure your assets

In addition practical solution consideration;

  • Identifying existing and/or new services that can be migrated to Cloud or Virtualised Model. Which services will meet your needs based on the existing and planned end user needs and requirements
  • Cloud Collaboration and integration at the Desktop, Mobile device and Meeting room. How new applications in Unified Communications (Lync/Skype for Business and Jabber etc) are enabling collaboration at multiple levels
  • Use of social media integration to improve collaboration across the enterprise and enabling the information and technology to cooperate
  • Hosting at multiple levels, moving from on premise to hybrid or full cloud or virtualised environments
  • Driving out cost, introducing simplification and enabling commoditisation with the VC estate


Collaboration within the Cloud

Adopting Cloud based services requires thought and consideration, it will often require the re-engineering of traditional capabilities and services sometimes into hybrid models as part of a transition and migration plan or as a whole sale step change. Careful thought has to be given to mapping these new capabilities, how the foundations of a Cloud based solution need to be able to support new working practices. Key to this is understanding how the journey can be planned so as to note the potential pitfalls and to identify the opportunities in delivering the goals and the vision.

Whatever your requirements be it supporting in house delivery, seeking guidance on what cloud services to use or to providing assurance on a supplier’s technical design; knowledge and experience are key to achieving success in any ICT related programme. Encompassing a broad range of the services and knowledge including room based video collaboration, virtualised meeting spaces and browser based mobile and desktop solutions our skills and experience will support your change programme with advice and guidance on coordinating and designing changes to new or existing legacy estate solutions and to help drive consistent quality user experience, systems resilience and flexibility and cost reduction.


Our Experience

Our teams have worked with some of the largest and most complex public and private sector visual collaboration and conferencing architectures support these businesses through far reaching and critical change. By engaging in best practice we support you in identifying the best path to take in understanding and utilising the capability within your business and your suppliers to enable those changes to take succeed.