Web Proxy Server as a Service

Service providing

A secure managed Web Proxy service, delivering reverse proxy capabilities and separation for web applications. Provides load balancing, resilience, and HA in n-tier architecture. Security enforcing through separating Application Hosts from direct user connections. Supporting a range of security features providing a resilient platform, including mod-evasive, mod-security and best practise configuration.



A configured, managed Apache based reverse proxy service


Includes optional Mysql or MariaDB database support

Secured, audited, managed, and under configuration control


Regular Service monitoring to help scale resources or services


Linux based platform for easy of management, configuration and flexibility

Provides additional Apache2 hardening including modsecurity, modevasive

Build Server configuration, to ensure simple, repeatable, secure deployments

Resilience and Highly Available configurations, to support service levels

Service includes regular patches, daily backups, support

Works with UKCloud, Azure, Rackspace, Memset, internal private cloud architectures


  • Easy to move infrastructure deployment through Development, Test and Production
  • Remove repeated manual steps from Infrastructure build, test and deployments
  • Enables easy to scale up and out of Cloud services
  • Viewdeck Secure Server platform, an NSA compliant VM build
  • Swift and simple roll-out of server changes to multiple servers
  • Available for Web and Tier 1 services
  • Suitable for Public, Private, Shared Cloud environments
  • Hardened Tested stable platform
  • Supports full digital upgrade (Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live)
  • Ensures repeatability in deployment of your application

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Web Proxy Server as a Service

The Secure Web Proxy Service is a fully managed virtual software solution to provide a service for your web solution, in a managed, secured, audited, patched environment. The reverse proxy service provides a DMZ solution to separate your applications from your front end, in a secure n-tier architecture. The Service includes 2nd or 3rd line support integration of the service and integrates the service desk function into any third party resolver groups (i.e. application related support tickets are managed/handed off to your nominated application provider/maintainer).

It can also support:

  • Additional authentication or access control to individual pages, URLs and services.
  • Caching and performance improvement.
  • Load Balancing, Resilience and HA implementation, through a range of optimisation techniques.
  • Filter and Transform Web Content.
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPs and FTP.
  • Port redirect from Web to AJP based services (like Tomcat etc.).

These services are suitable for Private, Community or Public Cloud hosting, on the Internet, and in Tier 1 or higher environments.

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